Are you back from an official trip from which you have multiple expenses? 

Got caught up at work, and didn’t find the time to Fyle your expenses, and now you have multiple paper receipts left pending? Are you thinking it would have been better if you could fyle them at once? We heard you! 

You can easily create multiple expenses at one go. Did we tell you it is super easy to do so? Here’s how it works:

1. Login to your mobile app. 

2. Open Expenses window. 

3. Click on ADD NEW EXPENSE.

4. Select Instafyle from where you can click a picture of the receipt. 

5. Here you can choose Single Mode, Bulk Mode or Gallery Upload. Select
Bulk Mode after which you can click pictures of multiple receipts and upload. On uploading receipts, the necessary details are fetched and expenses are created instantly. 

6. The expenses created are saved as a draft under Needs Review. Click on an expense draft, fill in all the mandatory fields and save. 

7. Reviewed expenses reflect in All Expenses from where you can create reports.

 To learn about how this feature works on web-app, click here

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