Want to create a report but not submit it to your manager yet?
Draft reports lets you do exactly that !

If you’re on a trip and want to keep adding new expenses to your current trip or have multiple ongoing projects and want to keep reports open till you are ready to submit, you’ll love this feature. 

Here are the steps on how you can create Draft reports:

1. Go to 'Expenses' from the left panel, select the expenses for which you would like to create a report and click on 'Create Report'.

2. This will take you the report preview screen where you will now see an additional option 'Save Draft'. Click on this button to save your report as draft.

3. The application will ask for your confirmation before creating the report and as a draft and inform you that you will need to resubmit the report for your manager's approval.

4. You can add new expenses to this report by selecting the field 'Add to report' which will show the draft report you have just created. Select the draft report and save your expense to automatically add it to your draft report.

5. You can view the expense details of your draft report by going to 'Reports' in the left panel and clicking on your 'Draft Report'. 

Note: The report is still in 'Draft' state and not yet submitted to your manager. The next step is mandatory for submitting the report to your manager

6. To submit draft report to your manager for approval, click on 'Submit' on the top right corner. 

This will send the report to your manager and state of your report will be changed to 'Reported'.

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