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Analytics page

The Analytics page has been completely revamped, and offers more actionable data in real time. You can now have detailed insights into your organisation's spending pattern and identify risks and potential improvements. It is easier to access organisation wide data, and the smart engine powering this ensures you stay on top of information related to top vendors, top expensed categories, department wise spend comparison to name a few.

You will also have an eagle's eye on all your finance operations, thanks to the revamp. 

 finance operations analytics
 finance operations analytics

This is being rolled out to organisations gradually, and this will see more updates in the days to come!

Differential mileage rates 

This release brings in greater customization and control of mileage rates. As an administrator, you can access four additional vehicle types now: electric car, two more types of four-wheelers, and a bicycle mileage rate as well.

Differential mileage rates 

What's more? You can configure differential rates that automatically change the applicable rate based on distance logged. 

Differential mileage rates 

Employees are notified in real time by means of a policy violation pop-up when they have exceeded the annual distance slab, and the reduced mileage rate is automatically applied for the expense.

Support for advance requests and trip requests on the mobile app

These features were in the works for quite some time, and have now been released after rigorous testing and customization. The release of these features on the mobile app makes it very convenient for users to request for advances, and route trip requests for approval right from within the mobile app! More updates and tweaks coming your way to ensure you have the same delightful experience on the mobile app as well.

You can read more about requesting advances here, and requesting for trip approval here.

Feature Enhancements

Reconciliation through the e-mail extension and mobile app

Corporate card reconciliation, which was only possible through the web-app until now, has been improved to make it possible to match expenses through the e-mail extension and the mobile app.

Reconciliation through the e-mail extension and mobile app
Reconciliation through the e-mail extension and mobile app

All possible matches will be displayed from the list of assigned corporate card transactions that match with the expense you are Fyling.

Reconciliation through the e-mail extension and mobile app

Custom fields for Trips

Custom fields are available to use on trip requests, and it is possible to customize the visibility between trips, transportation or hotel requests.

Custom fields for Trips

Custom fields for Trips work in the same manner as other custom fields, and offers greater visibility on your employees' trip requests. Need help? Learn how to configure custom fields on the trip request form here.

Selective availability of Trip Requests

Through the employee details form, you have the option to selectively enable / disable Trip Requests feature for employees.
This allows for greater control on allowing employees to request Trips and associated expenses. 

Selective availability of Trip Requests for Employees

Policy configuration on advance requests and trip requests

The policy engine now supports configuring a greater range of policies on advance requests and trip requests. And there's more! All this is possible from within the Policies page right on the web-app. 

Go ahead and try it out!

Ability to create draft reports on the mobile app

As part of the enhancements made on the mobile app, you now have the option of creating and saving an expense report on the mobile app without submitting it for approval instantly. This feature which was available only on the web-app until recently, will delight you when you try it on the mobile app! We expect this to help you a great deal when you are managing expenses from multiple trips and projects. Try it out and let us know what you think!

You can read more about draft reports on the mobile app here.


We were able to quash a few bugs that has resulted in greater stability on the reports and payment pages. Performance fixes for bulk editing of users, per diem management and attachment rendering were pushed.

Additionally, the emails that you receive from us confirming submission of reports, report payment confirmation amongst others have been recently redesigned. The emails now offer more clarity on the process, and whom you should turn to in case of queries. 

Let us know what you think of this recent release. Drop us a note at support@fyle.in for feedback and suggestions.

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