There are instances when a specific Hotel/Transport request or an entire trip needs to be canceled after there is already a booking done on a specific trip. You can go ahead and read more about Trip cancellation here

For cancellation of an already existing Trip Request, we need to understand whether:

  1. The cancellation is for a specific Hotel/Transport request

  2. The cancellation is for an entire Trip request

For the above two, there will be cancelation charges applicable when a specific booking is canceled. 

Processing cancelation request for a specific Hotel/Transport

  • The Employee will request a cancellation of a specific Transport/Hotel request from their account

  • Log in as a Travel agent and Go to Transport Request / Hotel Request 

  • Under Transport Request, click on the “To Cancel” tab and click on the specific request

Requests that are awaiting cancellation
  • Select on the Booking ID

Booking ID for the transport
  • Click on Process Cancellation

Cancelling the request
  • Specify the Reference Number along with the cancellation amount and Click on Save 

Cancellation fee charged

For E.g: For Partial Cancellation:

  • Imagine a scenario where a Flight ticket is booked for INR 5000 by the Travel Agent and the Employee later submits a cancellation for same Transport Request

  • The Travel Agent will contact the vendor and process the cancellation. The cancellation charges depending on the nature of the booking will be applicable. Assume the cancellation charges applicable is INR 2000

  • When the Travel Agent clicks on “Process Cancellation”, the system basically asks for “Cancellation Amount” (refer above screenshot).

  • Ensure that the Cancellation amount/charge is put. For this scenario, we should put INR 2000

Note: Please don't enter the actual Ticket amount in the “Cancellation Amount” field, enter only the cancellation charges which the company incurred.

  • The existing expense amount created for this booking for the Employee will be amounted to “0” and new cancellation expenses will be created to the employee's account.

Existing expense will reflect as 0

Processing cancellation request for an entire trip

  • An Employee can raise a cancellation request for an entire trip

  • Under “Trip Requests”, the travel agent will see the Trip Request in “Pending Cancellation” state

  • In this case, we can refer to the above steps to cancel each Hotel and Transport request and it would thus cancel the whole trip

Entire trip cancellation
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