Now you can create policies on advance requests raised by employees in your organisation. The advance request policies can be created based multiple user properties, and limits can be configured in multiple ways as well.

To create an Advance Request Policy, click on New Policy under the “Advance Request Policy” section

For creating an Advance Request policy, the below fields are required to be filled:

  • Policy Description - A brief description of the advance request policy. For E.g: “Seattle Location Employees cannot claim more than 15000 USD as advance request
  • Policy Timeline - Define a timeline on when the specific advance request policy is valid
  • Policy Conditions - Under policy conditions, you have the ability to define user properties such as departments, levels etc, along with any applicable project against which advances issued has to be covered under the policy. Finally, enter the amount limit type: Individual, Monthly, Yearly to define how the limit should be defined
  • Policy Actions - When the advance request policy is violated, the below actions can be configured:
  1. Flag Advance Request - The advance request will be flagged on submission to the approver, if enabled
  2. Pop Up on violation - If enabled, there will be a pop up notifying the user that there is a policy violation on the Advance Request
  3. Set Approvers - Secondary approvers can be added in case the advance request is not meant to be sent to the default approver of the user

The image below shows the pop-up a user would see when the configured policy that limits the advance request to 5000 USD per request is violated

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