As an administrator, you can create policies on trip requests raised by employees in your organisation. The trip request policies can be created for users based on specific employees, departments, transportation mode to name a few.

To create a Trip Request Policy, click on New Policy under the 'Trip Request policies' section

Fill the below fields:

  • Policy Description: The policy can be described in two parts from an Admin and User’s perspective
  • Admin Side Description
  • User Visible Rule Description
  • Policy Conditions - You can configure a policy based on the below conditions

    Specific People
    Transportation Request
    Hotel Request
    Advance Request
    Transportation Mode (Bus, Train , Flight and Taxi)
  • Policy Actions - Once a Trip request is violated, the below actions will be shown:
  1. Flag Trip Request - The trip request will be flagged on submission to the approver, if enabled
  2. Pop Up on violation - If enabled, there will be a pop up notifying the user that there is a policy violation on the trip request
  3. Set Approvers - Secondary approvers can be added in case the advance request is not meant to be sent to the default approver of the user

Upon violation of the trip request policy, user will see a pop up in the below manner

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