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Corporate Card Module on the Mobile App

The corporate card module is now available on mobile app. This will help you manage your corporate card transactions on the go, all in a few swipes!

The Corporate Cards section provides utmost ease of use and similar functionality as that of the web-app. You will find transactions from the corporate card that flow into your Fyle account under the New banner, and when matched with a saved expense, the transaction automatically moves to the Matched filter; just like the workflow that you are familiar with on the web-app.

Third Party API

Fyle now lets you integrate with external applications easily, on your own!
There might be instances where you would want to push and pull data from Fyle, such as backing up data from Fyle on a daily basis to your own systems, or syncing the employee details via HRMS with Fyle to create a new employee's account on Fyle automatically. Using our Third Party APIs you can integrate with any other systems as well. You will find more details here.

We also have a Python SDK that can be integrated easily with Python projects. Read more about this here.

Zero Expense Draft Reports 

A few months back, we introduced the ability to save expenses reports without submitting for approval right away. An update to this important feature is the ability to create zero expense reports. What does this do, you ask? Well, you now have the capability to create and save a report, without adding expenses to the particular expense report. You can also go back to any of the draft reports and rename them, both via the web-app and the mobile app. 

Feature Enhancements

Improved Audit Trail

The audit trail now captures data from the numerous custom expense fields that are unique to your organisation. This will allow you to view every custom data field linked to the corresponding expense right from the approval / verification screen!

Payment Queue Redesign

As part of our endeavour to make the experience of using Fyle as simple and easy as possible, we introduced a few updates to the the payment queue workflow. The reimbursable amount, outstanding advance dues, and outstanding corporate card dues are displayed in separate rows. We believe the process is much simpler now, and it is also convenient to find relevant information on the page. We hope you liked the update! Do let us know your thoughts by reaching out to us at [email protected]

Performance Improvements

We deployed a handful of performance improvement fixes on the accounting export front. A handful of stability updates makes the PDF download much quicker now. We were also able to quash bugs in the advances and trips section. Should you see any hidden ones that escaped our eye, do help to get rid of them by writing to us at [email protected]

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