What's New:

E-mail Notification Preferences

You now get greater control over your notifications. Simply go to your Profile Settings and easily manage your email notification preferences, all in one place!

E-mail Notification Preferences for all users on Fyle

Owner Role

All organisations on Fyle will have an assigned Account Owner. Only account owners would be able to add administrators, disable their access, create multiple organisations, and view billing details. 

Owner Role view

Configure Policies on Cost Centres

As an administrator, you now have the ability to configure expense policies on cost centres too! This will help you manage costs to your cost centres better, and also have greater control on the costs to be routed through various cost centres.

Configuring Policies on Cost Centres

Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0 Integration

We now have support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based integration, using which users can sign-in into Fyle based on their sessions in another context. Following are the benefits over logging in using a username/password:

  • No need to type in credentials

  • No need to remember and renew passwords

If you would like to implement SAML 2.0 based SSO with Fyle, do write to us at support@fyle.in

Feature Enhancements

User Dashboard Redesign

Your user dashboard now gives more information, allows you to create expenses and reports, and gives an extremely convenient way to keep an eye on your reimbursements.

Fyle user dashboard

Round off Report Amount

Approvers and administrators can now choose to round off report totals. Instead of manually adjusting the reimbursement amounts further down the processing cycle, you can choose to uniformly maintain reimbursable amounts. 

Rounding off Report Amount

Rounding off Report Amount

POST Travel Category Based expenses (Train, Flight and Bus) using APIs

Using our APIs, you can POST travel expenses, which contain a host of special expense fields i.e.

  • Travel locations

  • Travel dates: From date, To date

  • Travel class

Our updated API documentation here contains the required details.
If you have a travel vendor with API integration support, then they can use our APIs to push the booking details directly into your Fyle account.

Allow quarterly and semi-annual amount total limits for expenses

New limits on expenses have been introduced to allow greater flexibility while configuring expense limits. With multiple limit parameters in place, configuring expense policies should be a breeze. If you need help designing policies for your organisation, we are just a message away.

Policies to allow quarterly and semi-annual amount total limits for expenses.

Stability Improvements

We released a host of performance fixes that has helped eliminate those rare blips a few of you might have encountered. A few places that had our attention recently were the user dashboard processes, expense report actions and confirmation-alert improvements. The policy engine too was rejuvenated to support additional parameters to help you monitor expense violations in real time with accurate information.

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