As an administrator on Fyle, you can upload a .csv format of your organization's corporate card statements. Uploading a statement directly imports all the cards and transactions associated with each card onto Fyle.

Before you proceed to upload a statement to import corporate card transactions, it is required to have the below details on the statement to ensure successful upload:

  1. Amount - This field represents the transaction amount

  2. Transaction Date - This field represents the transaction date

  3. Merchant or Description - This field represents merchant information or description of the spend

  4. Card or Account Number - This field represents the specific card number

Follow the steps below to upload the statement onto Fyle:

  1. Switch to Organizational mode and navigate to Statements under the Corporate Cards section. Then, click on Add New Statement.

2. Click on the + icon to add a new statement.

3.  You can now proceed to select a statement from your device and upload it onto Fyle.

4. Click on Next after confirming the details.

5. You will have to add a configuration name for the statement upload, you can fill in the details (configuration name and bank name) to save the configuration or use an existing one.

6. A popup will be displayed to map the statement fields with transaction fields that can be recognized on Fyle.

  7. At the end of mapping the fields, you would need to provide Debit Convention to recognize the statement.

  8. Once done, click on Next and you would be shown a preview of the transactions.         Click on Add Statement to finish the upload process.

9. If this is the first statement you have uploaded on Fyle, navigate to Manage cards under the corporate cards section and you will be able to spot all the cards containing the transactions under the Unassigned cards tab.

Next time when you are uploading the transactions pertaining to these cards, you will be able to spot the transactions under the Unassigned cards or Assigned cards tab, depending upon whether the card is assigned to a user or not.


Statement Fields: These fields represent the column headers on the statement file
Debit Convention - Choose whether +ve or -ve representation indicates a debit transaction on the statement.


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