What’s New: 

Introduction of Payment Mode for Mileage and Per Diem expenses

You will be able to select the payment mode for mileage and per diem expenses now. The payment mode selection will also help account for mileage and per diem expenses that are covered as part of a company issued advance. This is available on both the mobile app and the web-app

Payment Mode for Mileage and Per Diem expenses

Draft Trip Requests

You can now create a trip request and save a draft without having to submit it for approval right away. This will help you save considerable time as you can conveniently access your draft trip requests and route them for approval when required

Draft Trip Requests Creation

Automated Reminders

As an administrator on Fyle, you can now automate certain reminders that are sent to the entire employee base. This will help you save a lot of time, and you can even control the frequency of there reminders to ensure they are in line with your organisation's processes. 

Interested to try this out? Head over to the Settings page and you will find a new section called Auto Reminders

Setting Automated Reminders under Admin Settings
Setting Automated Reminders under Admin Settings

Feature Improvements:

Business Unit Analytics

If employees are part of designated Business Units in your organisaiton, you can tag them to corresponding Business Units on Fyle. Subsequently, you can access poweful analytics that applies to particular Business Units, along with additional data fields

Business Unit Analytics


Redesigned Audit Trail and Expense Comments Section 

The comments and audit trail section which is visible on the right-hand side of the expense fields underwent a design overhaul recently. The design is de-cluttered and makes it easy to find the information that you are looking for. A few additional details will also be shown on the audit trail to help you track every action with precise information.

Audit Trail for Expenses

Company Reports Export Field Selection

The ability to choose data fields to export that was previously available on the Expenses page has been extended to the Reports page as well. When you navigate to the Reports page to export reports, you will now have the capability to choose the information required

Company Reports Export Field Selection

Revamped Settings Page

The Settings page offers a completely new design along with a new navigation mechanism. The different administrative sections are available on the left, grouped by the distinct modules. 

Admin Settings Page

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