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Bulk Refund of Advances

As an administrator on Fyle, you can collect back advances in bulk using the new template. This helps you maintain a uniform amount at the start of the month / processing period amongst other things. All you have got to do is to navigate to the Refunds section and download the required template

Bulk Refund of Advances

The template will require you to enter a few key details that will help distinguish the advances of different users. Once all details are entered on the file, hit Upload file and Fyle does the rest

Project Approver for Advance & Trip Requests

You can now add an additional layer of approval from Project Managers whenever a trip request or advance request is associated with the corresponding project. This not only helps the Project Managers get timely information and updates regarding spend associated with the projects they manage, but you can also ensure requests are appropriately vetted before they are processed.

Setting up a policy to include additional approval from project approvers is extremely easy. While creating a new policy for either advance or trip requests, select the necessary projects and choose Add Project Approver under Policy Actions

Project Approver for Advance & Trip Requests

New Profile Page

The new Profile page is segregated into multiple sections that is designed to help you find information related to your Fyle account. Additionally, users have the option to specify notification preferences and specify presents under the relevant sections

User Presets

Users can now specify their default Project and Mileage slab that would be pre-filled on the expense window. 

User Presets for all users on Fyle

Users can also specify their timezone along with project and mileage details from their Profile Settings

Default Verify Account Reminders

Inviting users is not a big deal, but ensuring your entire workforce have activated their accounts can sometimes be tricky. To help you tackle this challenge, we have deployed automatic email notifications that are sent out on a weekly basis to remind users to verify their accounts

Slack Bot

Workspace administrators on Slack can now install the Fyle app on their Slack workspace. This integration facilitates the creation of expenses directly from your Slack workspace. Who wouldn't love this level of convenience! Read more about it here

Feature Improvements


You can access analytics on cost centres now too!
Head over to Analytics and try it out. Not only do you get to access the awesome insights, you also can view the corresponding spend as well. Clicking on the graphs will offer you the filtered view of the selection via the Expenses section

Analytics page

New Reminders

New reminders on the advances and trip requests front have been added to the list of previously available reminder options. All this to help you stay on top of your work!

Adding automated reminders on Fyle to nudge actions

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