Employees can now just share images of receipts directly via SMS to a special number and voila! Expenses automatically appear in their Fyle account, ready to report.

First, save our SMS number in your phone contacts: +1 3029900919

To be able to use this functionality, one must first be a Fyler of a registered Organization and must have their phone number saved in their profile settings and verified.

To verify your mobile number, follow the steps below

  • Go to Profile Settings
  • Enter your mobile number with country code (eg., +91XXXXXXXXXX) and click "Verify"
  • You will receive an OTP to verify the number. 

Once you’re a registered user, you will be able to successfully Fyle using the SMS integration.

All you have to do is just share the image of the receipt with our SMS number and wait for it to get Fyled.

Note: Expenses will be added to your primary org only (in case you have accounts in multiple orgs.)

Note: Expenses can also be similarly Fyled through Whatsapp by sharing the receipt to the same number (+1 3029900919) on Whatsapp instead of SMS. 

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