Key functionalities

  • A feature that disables admins from viewing or accessing Fyle outside the corporate network. 
  • Admins will be able to make requests only from a certain whitelisted IP range for that company.
  • It helps maintain transparency and security by making the public data of the employees inaccessible to the admin outside the corporate network.

Use cases 

  • Useful in restricting the admins from exercising their privileges outside the organization. This is done by disabling access to Fyle outside the corporate network.
  • It helps maintain security and transparency in the organization regarding employee data.

How to enable it?

  • The admin can enable IP restriction from the Settings page under the Security tab by selecting IP Restrictions.
  • Click on Add IP Address. A modal will pop up where you have to fill two fields:
  • IP Address - The 32-bit Internet Address used to identify the network to which you want to restrict the admin access. Eg:- 
  • Subnet - A subnet mask is a number that defines a range of IP addresses available within a network.

(Kindly contact your organization’s Network Administrator to help you fill the above fields.)

  • Similarly, add all the IP addresses to which you want to restrict Admin access. Be cautious when you add the IP addresses - The admin access will strictly be restricted to only the whitelisted network ranges and they will not be able to use the application from any other network. 

(Note that the IP restriction feature is only for Admins. Fylers will still be able to use the application from outside the restricted networks)

How to use it?

  • This is not a user-facing feature. Most users might not even be aware of this feature. 
  • Once the feature is enabled for a particular organization from the settings page, it’ll automatically restrict the Admin from accessing Fyle outside the whitelisted corporate networks set by the network administrator.
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