Who is a Holiday Delegatee?

  • Let’s say, Employee X is going on leave for a certain number of days. He/she can choose another person, say Employee Y, to handle his/her Fyle account on their behalf for that time period. In this scenario, Employee Y will be the Holiday Delegatee of Employee X. Employee X will be the Delegator.

Key functionalities

  • A Holiday Delegatee, on their delegator’s behalf, can perform all the actions that the delegator would be able to do from their account, for the duration of the assigned time period. 
  • A holiday delegatee can be assigned for a limited time period or can be assigned permanently. Permanent delegation makes sense when the delegator wishes to have someone like a Personal Assistant handle the account on their behalf. 
  • After the assigned time period elapses, the delegatee privileges will automatically be revoked. 

How to enable Holiday Delegation?

  • Holiday Delegation must be enabled by the Admin in the Organization Settings page. 
  • Go to the Settings page. Under the Organization section, go to the General tab. On this page, scroll down to the Features section and enable Access Delegation.

How to assign a Holiday Delegatee?

  • Once Access Delegation is enabled by the Admin, any employee of the org (Delegator) will be able to assign any other employee as their Holiday Delegatee.
  • To assign a Holiday Delegatee, go to your Profile Settings page. In the Organization page, fill the Delegatee section. You have to select the Name of the employee, choose whether the duration is Permanent or for Short Term. 
  • If you choose duration as Permanent, you’ll be asked to only select the From date. In the case of Short Term Delegation, you’ll be required to select both the From and To dates. 

Delegatee role 

  • Once the delegator assigns their privileges to the delegatee, the delegatee will receive an email notifying the same. 
  • Now, when the delegatee goes to their Fyle account, they’ll be able to see their Delegators under the Delegatees section when they click their profile tab on the top bar. 
  • The delegatee can then switch to their delegator’s account by selecting the Delegator’s name in the profile tab. After switching to the delegator’s account, they can perform all the actions on the delegator’s behalf. While delegating, you’ll see the word Delegating under the Profile Name denoting that the delegatee is now using the delegator’s account. 
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