Once you have fyled all your expenses, you can create a report to submit the expenses for approval. To create a report, select an expense or multiple expenses and click on 'Create Report'. Click here to know more.

A report summarises and also stitches together all the expenses and receipts selected to be a part of the expense report. You can view and take actions on all the expenses that are part of a particular report.

The 4 distinct sections on an expense report are listed below:

  1. Reports Information: This part includes report id, owner, created date, submitted date, the total amount of the expenses added, the status of the report, comments (if any or you can also add comments), etc.

Information of the report in an expense report

2. Employee Info - Shows the information about the Fyler such as the organization, email ID, business unit, status, department, cost center, etc.

Employee details on an expense report

3. Summary - Gives a collated view of the expenses categorized in sets as Category, Department, Project, etc. Additionally, you can also apply filters to view all the expenses fyled in a single category/project/cost center, etc.

Expense summary of all the expenses in the expense report

4. Expenses - This portion shows you all the expenses included in the report split by default categories such as Trip Expenses, Food, etc. You can select the expenses to view more information such as receipts and history.
Along with this, a fyler will be able to perform the following actions such as View, Edit, Add comments and Remove an expense from an unapproved report.

Expenses view in the expense report

Note that an admin/approver will also be able to take all these actions along with Flagging the expense, Change the amount, Marking bills received.

Actions that can be taken on an expense in the expense report
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