What's New:

Search, Sort & Filter on the Mobile App

This new functionality allows you to search, sort and filter expenses as per your requirement on the My Expenses section of the mobile app. Additionally, you can even filter your expense reports based on their state and by date from the My Reports section. Goodbye scrolling! Read more about it here

Negative Policy Condition

As an administrator, you can now choose to configure a policy on fields that do not belong to a certain list. You will be able to specify the data fields that you wish to include/exclude while setting up the policy. This allows for greater control, and complex policies can be easily configured.

For e.g., cap taxi expenses to $400 if the city is NOT New York or LA (Only for Business and Enterprise plans)

Policy conditions

Your Company Branding inside Fyle

You will now be able to customize the look of the web-app and mobile app, along with the previously available logo personalization on the PDF reports. Just add your organization's logo to see the magic.

Company logo page

Note: Negative Policy Conditions and Company Branding are available only to customers on the Business and Enterprise plans. Get in touch with us at support@fyle.in to upgrade your subscription to start using these features

Team Report Actions on the Mobile App

Approvers can now add comments or send back a single expense from an entire report directly from the mobile app. All the actions of adding comments, flagging and removing expenses within a report right at your fingertips!
Read more about it here

Feature Improvements

Auto Match Control
Administrators can choose to enable or disable Auto Match for corporate card expenses in the organization. This is an account-wide setting that impacts all users.
Enable this to let Fyle help your employees in automatically matching corporate card transactions to corresponding expenses on Fyle.

Enabling auto-match for the whole organization

Per Diem Details on the PDF Report

When you download the PDF reports next time, keep an eye out for extensive details on the per diem expenses. You will now be able to access the per-diem rate along with the applicable dates, project, and cost center.

Per Diem Details on the PDF Report

If you have any suggestions for us, do drop a note at support@fyle.in
We would love to hear from you!

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