The Team Expenses is a feature that enables viewing of all the expenses created by the employees in your team, the various states the expenses are present in, the category of the spend and how much each employee is spending. You can view these expenses by just clicking on the Expenses tab under Team present on the left section.

View all the expense reported to you from the teams expense section

The Team Expenses page gives you an overview of all expenses created by your employees. The details included in this page are:

  • Expense ID - The unique ID of each expense

  • Spend date - The date on which the expense was made

  • Employee - The name of the Employee

  • Details - The category of the expense ( Food, Accommodation etc)

  • Amount - The amount of the spend

  • State - The current state of the expense (Fyled, Reported, Approved etc)

  • Issues - If there are any issues noticed in the reported expense

  • View - View the expense in a new tab

Expense details shown under Team Expenses

You can filter and search for specific expenses based on various criteria by clicking on the Filter option.

Filtering expenses from team expenses page

Apply filter/s as required. You may add multiple conditions and click on Search.

Apply filters basis different criteria to get the desired result

Beta View

By clicking on Try Beta present on the top of the page next to Team Expenses, you can view the expenses created by your team by customising the columns according to your preferences by clicking on Manage columns as shown below. 

Customize columns for your team expenses page from Manage Columns

You can preset your choice of columns by checking/unchecking the boxes corresponding to each of the columns.

You can check/uncheck the columns that you want to add/remove

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