What's New:

Multi organization finance dashboard

The multi organization finance dashboard allows administrators of enterprises with multiple entities on Fyle to view a high level summary on a single dashboard, and export all the extended data to a Google sheet.

Multi org dashboard

The Google sheet can then be added as a data source in Google Data Studio for further custom analytics

Finance Dashboard

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Dashboard for Department and Project Heads

We have built an all new team dashboard through which Department / Project Heads can view the spending patterns of their team.

Department and Project

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Data Back-up

As an administrator on Fyle, you can now easily download expense information and their corresponding attachments at any point in time. Navigate to https://backup.fyleapps.com and in a few simple steps, choose the data you want to backup and viola!

You will receive an email with the link to download a zip file containing the expense data on a csv file and all individual attachments.

Automated Workflows

We have completely automated creation and submission of expense reports for employees, and approval of expense reports for approvers. With this new feature, employees can set up a workflow to automatically compile and report expenses for approval via an expense report at regular intervals.

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Approvers can set up a workflow that will automatically approve reports routed to them at regular intervals. Additionally, approvers can specify employees from a particular department/title/level/etc such that only reports belonging to employees that satisfy all such conditions will be automatically approved

Automated approver workflow

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Fyle Subscription Invoice History

Fyle account owners now have the capability to access previous subscription invoices from within their Fyle account. Just head to Settings > Billing and download the required invoice as a PDF file

Fyle invoice history

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