Once you have Fyled all your expenses and they are all ready to be reported to your manager, there are 2 ways in which you can create a report and submit it to your manager for approval. Here's how you can go about it:

Create Draft Report & then Submit it for Approval

Here's a list of some of the actions you take to review the details submitted on your draft report before you can Submit them for your manager's approval:

  • You can edit the report type & the name of the report by clicking on Edit, right next to Report Details

  • You can View, Edit and Remove each expense within the report

  • You can select all the expenses at once and
    - Add a common comment on all expenses by clicking on 'Add Comment' (or)
    - Remove all the added expenses by clicking on 'Remove'.

  • You can add the 'Ready to Report' expenses directly to a draft report by clicking on the 'Add to Report' option and selecting the draft report:

  • You can also add expenses to a draft report at the time of creating an expense:
    In the 'Add to Report' field, select the draft report to which you would like to add the expense to and click on 'Save', now this expense will be directly added to the draft report

  • Once you have added all the required expenses to the draft report and reviewed all the details, you can go ahead and submit this report for further processing.
    Just click on the 'Submit' option, now this report will move to the 'Reported' state and will be sent to your manager for approval.

Submit a report directly for Approval

Here's how you can create a report and submit it directly for your manager's approval:

  • Under the Expenses tab, Select all the expenses that you would need to create a report for.

  • Click on the option displayed, Create report.

  • You can Select between Trip report & Basic report under Report type and can name the expense report.

  • Mark the checkbox present beside the Submit report for approval and click on Submit.

The report will now be submitted to your manager for approval.

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