What's New:

Revamped Admin Dashboard (Beta)

The admin dashboard has been completely redesigned to offer improved visibility on the spending patterns of your organization, and view the pending tasks on a centralized dashboard. Data is grouped under Tasks, Overview and Monthly Summary

Admin dashboard

Push Notifications on the Mobile App

You can now receive push notifications for important events on Fyle. When there is a comment on your expense report, or an expense report is submitted to you for approval amongst other actions, you will receive a notification directly on your phone. The push notifications are available on Android currently. You can configure the choice of notifications you wish to receive from your Profile Settings page

Push notifications for Fyle

Feature Improvements

Organization Name Visibility on Emails

If your organization has a multi-entity setup on Fyle, you will now have an easier way of searching for exports downloaded from Fyle. Every file export request email that is generated from Fyle (PDF / Excel / .CSV) will contain the organization's name on the subject line and within the email as well

Organization name visibility on exports

Corporate Card Credits Visibility

Administrators and Finance Team members now have visibility into the credits processed on each corporate card. This is the first iteration, and the subsequent release will allow you to assign the credits to the user if they have missed reporting these credits.

Credits charged back to corporate cards

Report Workflow Revamp

Users can now create an expense report specifically to include expenses incurred on a recent trip. The new workflow allows users to select between a Basic Report and a Trip Report, and the Trip Report workflow automatically suggests expenses incurred in a specific date range that you choose. This revamp facilitates easier reporting, management and approval of expenses based on the nature of the expense report

Report type on Fyle
Trip Report

Read more about creating expense reports here.

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