If you have a receipt in your Gmail inbox that you wish to get reimbursed for, you can claim it directly from your inbox using Fyle’s Gmail Extension.

Steps to install Gmail Extension on Brave:

1. Click here to find Fyle’s Gmail Extension on the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click on Add to Brave.

3. Next, you’ll see a pop-up from Brave asking you to confirm the installation. Click on Add extension.

4. Once that’s done, the extension will be added to your Brave browser. Now you have to give cookie permission for Gmail to use the extension.

5. Go to www.gmail.com on your Brave web browser. (It is advised to allow cookies only here as the extension will run on this website alone)

6. Click on the Brave Shields icon in the URL bar.

7. In the drop-down, click on Advanced View.

8. Next, find the option where the cross-site cookies are blocked. (Shown below)

9. Change the option to All cookies allowed. (Shown below)

That’s it! You’re all set to start using the Gmail Extension.

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