As an Admin, you will get an overview of your finance team's pending tasks, month-wise summary, Department budget overview, top policy violators, category-wise spend, and the configured auto-reminders.

This Dashboard can be accessed by switching to the 'Organization' view:

Here's a list of items you can get an insight of under the Tasks section:

  • Reports to be verified

  • Cards with unclassified transactions

  • Payments to be processed

  • Cards to be assigned

  • Advances to be issued

  • Invitation requests to be processed &

  • Uploading new Corporate Card statement

  • The summary section will give you an insight into the number of unreported expenses, number of reports which are verified, number of reports processed, in Sent Back, and approved. You can also view the Total Employees that are present on the Fyle.

  • A graph of Project budget Overview, you will get an insight of Total budget allocated and the total amount spent. This will help you track and plan your project's spends better.

  • A graph of your company's top policy violators. This will give you an insight into which employee violates policies frequently.

  • A graph of your company's spend against various categories, you will get an insight on what categories your employees spend the most.

  • In this section, you will be able to see all the Auto-Reminders set for your company. If you wish to modify/add any Auto-Reminder, you can do so from the Settings page

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