What's New:

Export file customization

This has been in the making for quite some time now, and we are glad to introduce the capability to customize accounting export files that can be generated on Fyle. This powerful feature let's you customize the data format and control the ordering of the information on the export file, while also allowing you to apply custom formulae


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Approve reports from your inbox

You can now approve your team's expense reports without leaving your Gmail inbox.

With this release we augment the approval required email that is sent to approvers with a dynamic version supported by gmail. This functionality lets the approver look at the details of a report and approve it right from the inbox without having to navigate away from Gmail. This is being released gradually across regions. Do write to us at support@fylehq.com if you are looking to utilize this at your organization


Filter data with sub filters

With the introduction of sub filters, it is possible to broaden the search criteria easily now. The sub-filters works differently when compared to the main filters and the sub-filters gives the finance/admin users the ability to add multiple conditions to the data they are searching for. You can now search for all expenses where [state is Paid OR category is Food] AND [Spend date is between July 1 and Aug 1] AND [Flagged by a verifier]. The highlighted filter is a combination of two sub-filters which is possible to utilize with this release

Sub filter

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Improved dashboard for multiple roles

A new dashboard for travel admins, travel agents and auditors has been released. Travel admins and travel agent can view useful insights on the number of hotel or transportation requests that are pending booking, and auditors can view historical information and statistics on expense reports, payments etc

Travel admin

Feature Improvements:

Improved Netsuite integration

When you link Fyle with Netsuite, you can now upload expense attachments to Netsuite along with other expense data. You will also be able to export expense reports for reimbursable expenses and vendor bills for Credit Card Expenses.

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Improved QBO integration

You can now map Fyle's custom expense fields with Quickbooks fields. This release also lets you change the import settings, and group expenses by different expense fields. This allows you to setup and utilize complex configurations with the Fyle - QBO integration


Notifications on Slack

If your organization uses Slack, you will now receive notifications on Slack similar to other notifications on e-mail and the mobile app (learn how to intergrate Slack with Fyle here). You will receive notifications on Slack for the following:

  1. Notification for approvers when employees submit an expense report

  2. Notifications for employees when the approver takes one of the following actions- Approves report, Sends back report, Removes an expense from the report, Adds a comment on the report or on an individual expense

Fyle Slack Integration

Mileage Map

When an expense report is downloaded as a PDF file, mileage expenses will now be generated with an associated mileage map. The mileage map is a new addition to the other receipts that were included for other types of expenses before on the PDF download. Give it a try now!

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