Set a limit on your organization's spending and be notified in advance before your total budget is exhausted.

How to set a budget?

  • Go to Settings. Under Policy & Compliance, select Budgets.

  • Click on Add Budget to add a new one.

  • Select the nature of the budget - whether it is for a category, department, project, cost center, or for a combination of them.

  • Next, select the budget type (weekly, monthly or yearly) and set the budget amount.

  • Next, optionally configure the email alerts. Select a threshold percentage (email alerts will be automatically triggered when this percentage of the budget is reached).

  • Select the recipients who should receive the alert when the threshold amount or the total budget is reached. Only these recipients will receive the email alerts. Also, set the frequency at which the recipients should be notified.

  • Finally, add a name to your Budget. Click on Save. And you're ready to go!

  • You can see all your budgets in Settings > Policy & Compliance > Budgets. Disable a budget that's not in use anymore by switching off the toggle.

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