Automate expense tracking in Tsheets


Stop wasting time switching between tracking time and managing your expenses. If you use Tsheets for time-tracking, you can integrate it with Fyle to seamlessly manage your expenses and timesheets from one place. All you need is one click to keep your Tsheets job details up to date in Fyle.

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Contextual Expense Reporting

Create reports for each job on Tsheets projects. Want to make a report that you need to send to a client for reimbursement? Just download .xls or .pdf reports that’ll have all your receipts in one place.


Tag expenses to Tsheets jobs

Automatically convert paper receipts to expense records and tag it to your Tsheets jobs, right from the Fyle mobile app.


One-click integration

Integrate Fyle's expense reporting with Tsheets with a single click. All you need to do is click on Connect and your expense reporting woes are over. 


Sync on-the-go

You can sync Tsheets jobs with projects in Fyle. Just click on Sync and expenses from paper and e-receipts, mileage and per diem are posted to the appropriate jobs.

Works where you work
Fyle expenses without leaving Outlook or Gmail

For freelancers

  • Sync Tsheets jobs with Fyle projects
  • Tag mileage or expense to projects
  • Bill clients easily using filters for expenses 

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For businesses

  • Sync your Tsheets accounts with Fyle
  • Mark expenses and mileage against projects
  • Export project-wise expense reports


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