Corporate Travel and Expense management:
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Help your customers manage their corporate travel and expense management under one roof.

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If you’re considering Fyle, there are some things you need to know

If you’re considering Fyle, there are some things you need to know

Build with our APIs

Our APIs make way for a breezy integration. Take your customer experience up a notch by providing configuration options that suit their needs. Allow any data like reimbursable or non-reimbursable expenses, trip receipts, etc. to flow from Fyle to your platform. Simultaneously, let important trip details like booking confirmation, payment mode and more flow into Fyle to ease expense management.

Target market, together

Independently managing travel and expenses is a financial nightmare. Propose an integrated offering so your customers can truly gain visibility, establish control, save costs and provide a healthy employee experience. With co-marketing activities like webinars, podcasts, blogging, and more, it is a partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Empower your customers with an integrated offering

Fyle automatically converts bookings into expenses, with no manual work whatsoever. Customers can get total cost of trip by consolidating all expenses associated with travel and its breakdown.

Support that will never let you down

Technical Account Manager coupled with a dedicated Customer Success representative to ensure achieve their best with Fyle.

Exclusive pricing

Unified solution that offers the best value. Offer exclusive pricing and discounts to your clients so that they can make the best use of Fyle.

If you’re considering Fyle, there are some things you need to know

Trusted by finance teams, loved by employees

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What makes Fyle the best travel and expense
management software?

Access a centralized travel and expense dashboard


Eliminate manual data entry by enabling automated travel expense reporting under a unified platform.


Integrate your current travel and accounting software with Fyle and collate all expense data with ease.


Keep track of all corporate credit card expense reports, and experience effortless corporate credit card reconciliations.

T&E dashboard to view finance operations
travel and expense dashboard

Multiple ways to submit business expenses


Enjoy seamless automated travel expense reporting by merely clicking a picture of the receipt and recording business expenses using Fyle's mobile app.


Fyle's receipt scanning feature scans, extracts, and fills the expense report form automatically. This eliminates any manual data entry or data entry errors.


An expense management software like Fyle enables employees to submit expense report via Slack, Gmail, Outlook, phone gallery and email forwards.

Expense reporting made easy for employees

Create seamless automated expense approval workflows


Streamline your travel expense management processes by setting up automated approval workflows per your company’s travel and expense policy.


Reduce turnaround time by enforcing your company travel and expense policy while ensuring travel and expense policy compliance.


Receive notifications when employees submit expense reports and instantly review them from anywhere, at any time, and by using any device of your choice.

Automated approval workflows that saves time
expense approval workflow
business financial forecast

Accurate expense analytics for your business travel spend


A travel and expense software enables Finance teams to gain visibility into travel spends with real-time expense reporting solutions.


Our advanced expense analytics dashboard provides insight into employee spending trends and patterns, out-of-policy expenses and duplicate or fraudulent expenses.

Expense analytics to gain more insights

Make T&E management seamless with Fyle.

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