Automatic data extraction from receipts.

No more manual data entry for your employees with Fyle!

#1 Reason why employees hate expense tracking process is manual data entry. Whether it's an e-receipt in your inbox or a paper receipt in your pocket, Fyle's ML based data extraction engine automatically captures expense data. Want to capture invoice number in your flight ticket? Fyle can do it.

Receipt extraction from gmail

Now track expenses faster and accurately

Fyle’s industry first data extraction engine helps your employees save productive time and effort by capturing information from receipts. Now managing your spends is just a click of a button away!

Expense policies

Set-up policies based on expense categories, departments, job titles and grades to suit your company needs.

Expense limits

Set critical violations and limit claim amounts depending on policies even if the approved amount is greater.

Real-time violations

Fyle checks all expenses submitted by employees for policy violations at the time of creation and flags such expenses.

Policy notifications

Fyle shows policy violation notifications at the time of expense creation making it easier to comply with company policies.

Burn those receipts, Fyle has already tracked them

Invoice detection

Extract invoice number for all electronic receipts coming in your mailbox automatically using Fyle's chrome extension and Outlook plugin.

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Currency detection

Fyle can automatically detect the currency in e-receipts and paper receipts. Got receipts in SGD? Fyle can capture it.

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Category detection

Fyle detects the category of an expense transaction from the submitted receipts, automatically using the merchant information.

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Capillary Technologies
Teach For India uses Fyle
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Teach for India
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Capillary technologies uses Fyle
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Capillary Technologies
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Earlier I used to always put expense reports off for another day - printouts, filling forms etc.Now with Fyle, it's a lot easier and I get the job done in a few scans and clicks.

- Srikrishnan Ganesan, Freshworks

Fyle is a flawless and super easy expense management system. The extension integrates with your gmail and automatically parses receipts and invoices - saving precious time and makes filing expenses a breeze!

- Aadil Bandukwala,

Fyle has helped us add lot of value internally in terms of ease of use, near paperless trail, faster turnaround times for employees and better visibility for finance.

Abhijeeth Naik, CFO, Zivame

It's a great product that is very user friendly even for the least tech savvy users which is handy because we have a lot of not tech savvy people in our particular organization. It saves a huge amount of time and hassle fumbling with receipts and dealing with lost receipts.

- Taylor Green, First General

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