Effortless credit card reconciliations

Seamlessly reconcile credit card statements for business expenses while ensuring adherence to company policies.

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credit card reconciliation

Save time while reconciling card expenses

Sync corporate card statements for faster reconciliation of expenses with policy checks.

reconcile card statements

Automate card feed sync

Sync direct bank feeds from multiple banks and for multiple card programs at a time of your convenience.

Reconcile expenses

Reconcile expenses from exact or near matches or create an expense if one doesn’t exist in Fyle.

Account for personal expenses

Quickly separate personal spends from the business ones with a few clicks.

Manage and reconcile corporate credit card expenses 

Match credit card expenses and save time

Manage multiple card programs

Match expenses to card statements

Run policy checks on card expenses

Here's what our customers have to say

Unmatched support with the best-in-class software


Any support requests I’ve submitted have
been met with a sense of urgency and tackled
in an extremely timely manner. Very
impressed with this team!


Eric Kinniburgh


Very simple and easy to use interface. We can
have different entities under one umbrella.
Easy to use internationally. No more old style paper
reports and receipts. Everything is combined. The
cost for the application is very reasonable.
All travel related expenses in one platform. Easier
to monitor and keep track of expenses.


Alice Karlson


It’s a well-thought-of product that covers a few
alternatives for me to submit my expenses.
While using it for my current company, I thought of
how it would have benefited me in my previous ones
as well


Baldwin Ng

Fyle, reimagining expense management for businesses 

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Smaller Version-01

Manage all your cards and expenses at one place

Add cards from multiple banks and card programs and manage them individually from a central dashboard.

manage card programs

Policies on card spends

Fyle syncs your corporate card statements and runs a policy check on every submitted expense.

Split expenses

Split card expenses and assign them to distinct projects and cost centres while checking them for policy violations.

Admin controls

Quickly filter out the matched and unmatched expenses and send one-click reminders to employees to match and submit expenses.

Duplicate detections

We automatically detect and flag duplicate expenses made on company issued cards without you having to go through all expenses.

Match expenses

Every card transaction is checked for a possible expense match presenting an expense for an exact match, suggest near-matches or ask you to create an expense if it doesn’t exist in Fyle.

Pre-submission checks

Employees are presented with a possible violation notification before they can create an expense driving them to be more compliant as opposed to checks which happen after submission.

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