Automate reports and trip approvals

Setup custom approval hierarchy for expense reports and trip requests and manage approvals effortlessly.


Automatic approvals for compliant expenses

Report approvals don't have to be complicated. Save productive hours by automating approvals.


Pre-submission checks

Helps you drive compliant spending habits and reduces time spent in resolving them, speeding up the approval process.

Approve on-the-go

Managers can approve trip requests and expense reports using iOS or Android devices.

Add exceptional approvers

In case of violations, add any number of additional approvers from any department and provide additional controls.

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"The UI is super intuitive and has all of the functionality that is needed in helping sort out expenses within our organization. In addition, any support requests I've submitted have been met with a sense of urgency and tackled in an extremely timely manner. Very impressed with this team!"

Ivy T. Key Accounts Manager
"It's a great product that is very user-friendly even for the least tech-savvy users which are handy because we have a lot of not tech savvy people in our particular organization. It saves a huge amount of time and hassle fumbling with receipts and dealing with lost receipts."

Taylor G. KPI, Analytics Manager
"The software is online and can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at my convenience. It becomes easy to report, and send an attachment without hard copies. Easy to understand and read reports, provide analysis and recollect all that which can be forgotten on a day to day basis."

Francis Xavier J. Area Head, Real Estate
"The system flexibility and scalability is an appreciated feature. Onboarding and customer support has been superior."

John K. CFO, Real Estate

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Just a glance needed for approvals

Why log into a portal? Complete all tasks from reporting expenses to approving reports and trips right from your mobile.

Drive from your desk

With a single click, you can send custom reminders to managers to remind them of pending approvals.

Guided approvals for ease of use

All reports come with summaries of violations, and a category-wise breakdown of amounts for easier approvals.

One-click actions

Instead of having to go through an entire report, view the violations and either approve or reject.

Rejections made easy

Quickly send back reports which violate your policies with a single click, while also providing reasons for rejections.

Custom approval hierarchies

Assign approvers for employees based on department, level, or grade of employees.

Multi-currency support

Spend in any currency and get reimbursed in your home currency at live exchange rates.