policy compliance

Real-time checks on expenses, eliminate fraud and out-of-
policy expenses at the source of expense creation.

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expense policy management software

Real-time checks on
accurate expense data

Combining delightful experience and
powerful compliance in transforming expense management.

real-time checks

Accessible across devices

Whether you are using the mobile app or
email, expenses are always checked for

Promote compliant behaviour

On the go policy checks help your
employees be aware of policies and
spend wisely.

Expense data

Capture accurate expense data
effortlessly without any manual entry.

A Policy Engine That Works

Help your employees make better
spending decisions

Policy checks on Android
and iOS devices

No submissions without
justifications for violations

Duplicates detected
on the go

Here's what our customers have to say

Unmatched support with the best-in-class software


Any support requests I’ve submitted have
been met with a sense of urgency and tackled
in an extremely timely manner. Very
impressed with this team!


Eric Kinniburgh


Very simple and easy to use interface. We can
have different entities under one umbrella.
Easy to use internationally. No more old style paper
reports and receipts. Everything is combined. The
cost for the application is very reasonable.
All travel related expenses in one platform. Easier
to monitor and keep track of expenses.


Alice Karlson


It’s a well-thought-of product that covers a few
alternatives for me to submit my expenses.
While using it for my current company, I thought of
how it would have benefited me in my previous ones
as well.


Baldwin Ng

Fyle, reimagining expense management for businesses 

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Robust checks which help everyone save time

Automatically detect violations which are impossible for humans to detect manually and save money on every business trip.

curb expense fraud

Checks on bookings

Run policies on hotel and flight bookings. All expenses are checked for violations before submissions hence promoting compliant behaviour.

Duplicate detection

Expenses are checked for possible duplicate receipts, always before submission. Such expenses are marked for a quick review by the finance team.

Complete audit trail

All actions and edits on expenses and reports are logged in a digital audit trail. We track all actions right from the point of creation till payout.

Cap reimbursable limits

Set limits on the claim amount for various categories of expenses based on your company policies.

Enhance control over spends

You decide the outcome. Select between warn, reject, capping the amount or adding additional approvals.

Run policy checks on card spend

Detect violating expenses made on issued corporate credit cards before they are reported. 

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