Goodbye, 90s. Hello, WhatsApp!

Introducing a new way of reporting expenses from the most used messaging app in the world.

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Why did we integrate Fyle with WhatsApp?

Being invisible

Unlike traditional expense reporting apps, we don’t want to limit your employees. We believe you can achieve faster compliance when employees submit expenses from everyday apps.

Easy reporting

Most of the frustration around expense reporting stems from how much time, effort and thought is wasted. We built this integration to ensure nobody has to think about expense reports ever again.

Enterprise-grade security, consumer-friendly experience

Great employee experience leads to continuous compliance, all delivered in an enterprise ready, secure manner.

How to fyle expenses with WhatsApp?

Your special number

Your company’s Fyle account has a special number on WhatsApp. Any receipt shared appears as an expense ready to report in your Fyle account.

Click and fyle

Snap a picture of your paper receipts with the WhatsApp camera and hit send. They’ll magically appear as expenses in your Fyle account.

Upload and fyle

Select images and screenshots of receipts from your gallery. Upload, hit send and forget. They’ll be waiting for you in your Fyle account.

Share anything

Images clicked of paper receipts, screenshots from your gallery, PDFs from your phone’s local storage - fyle everything.

This is just the beginning!

The day is not far when you can not only report expenses but approve them on WhatsApp too. Stay tuned!

Deliver an experience that your employees will appreciate you for.

Here’s what our customers have to say

We’re on a mission to eliminate the frustration around expense management.

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