When employees use their own vehicles for conveyance, the expense can be claimed under Mileage.

Mileage section is available at the top of the Settings page.  You can set a per KM/MILE charge for a vehicle type and click on the SAVE button.

You can also design a policy around this.

Assigning specific mileage rates for employees

By default, all 3 mileage rates (two_wheeler, and 2 distinct four wheeler rates (four_wheeler and four_wheeler_1 ) will be visible for users, and they can select the applicable mileage rate that they want to claim.

As an admin, you can determine what combination of mileage rates are visible to the employee. You also have the option to assign one default mileage rate to the employee as well. To enforce this, you can make use of the bulk upload form from the Employees page and upload the form using the Bulk Add/Edit option. 

From an employees' perspective, they will view the assigned mileage labels as shown below:

Only 1 two wheeler mileage rate assigned to an employee

One two wheeler and one four wheeler mileage rate assigned to an employee

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