What's New:

Currency preference

You will now be able to specify your default currency preference. If you frequently have expenses in a foreign currency, this feature will allow you to specify a currency preference which will be pre-populated while creating expenses, creating an advance and trip requests

Enabling currency preferences

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Advanced search capability has been extended to the My Expenses page now.

Just click on Filters on My Expenses page to start searching for expenses easily

Advanced search filters
Applying filters

Personal Cards page

As an administrator on Fyle, you now have a separate section to toggle the Personal Card feature for users in your organization. You will find it under Settings > Cards > Personal Cards

Enabling adding personal cards onto Fyle

Set currency exchange rates

You can now specify a pre-defined currency exchange rate for any currency specific to your organization. If you use custom exchange rates, this will be a great add on to ensure users have the exchange rate that your finance team needs them to utilize. This feature is available in addition to the real-time exchange rate conversion that users can utilize on Fyle

Setting currency exchange rates on Fyle

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New corporate card reconciliation workflow

Expenses are now created and reconciled automatically from your corporate credit card transactions. If you have created an expense beforehand at the time of spend, instead of creating the new expense, Fyle will automatically match the expense with the corporate credit card transaction. Reconciling corporate card spend got a whole lot easier!

Corporate Card Reconciliation

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Feature Improvements:

Quickbooks Online integration

Fyle's integration with QBO was recently revamped making it easier to setup, and automate exports as well! Yes, you read that right. Setup, specify the mappings and conditions, and you are all set to not look back!

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User invite email improvement

When a new user receives an invite to join Fyle, the name and email of the user who has initiated the invite is mentioned on the email. Putting a name to an invite does wonders!

Additional information on Amount

The Amount Column now displays the amount in spend currency as well, if you have created an expense in a foreign currency.

A new column called Exchange Amount is now available. If an expense is in home currency, this column will have no value generated. If an expense is in foreign currency, this column displays the amount in home currency, and displays exchange rate below the home currency equivalent spend

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