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Google Calendar Reminders

Administrators now have the ability to create calendar events on employees' calendars for reminders configured through Fyle. As soon as an employee receives the reminder email, a reminder event is created.

Google Calendar Reminder

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Reverse Corporate Card Transactions From Any State

When you receive a refund on a spend on your corporate card which is already reconciled and processed on Fyle, you will now be able to easily reverse the transaction to account for the refund. Users can access the reconciled transactions and pick a corresponding refund from a list of possible reversal suggestions.

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Custom Currency Exchange Rate Providers

Administrators now have the ability to specify the source of currency exchange rates on Fyle. If your organisation has a particular requirement and uses a different exchange rate provider than what Fyle provides by default, you will be able to change this preference in a jiffy. Reach out to us at support@fyle.in to discuss how this could be helpful for you.

Recurring Expenses

Users now have the ability to schedule recurring expenses so they are automatically and periodically created without you having to remember them. If you have recurring expenses that are reimbursed regularly, you are going to love this!

Recurring Expenses

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Beta View as Standard

The beta view for user and administrator section which was in the works until recently was made available gradually and it is now the standard on all pages. The new view is designed to help you find information quickly and offers a more fluid experience

User Friendly UI UX Fyle

MIS Reporting

Accessing MIS reports on Fyle is a one click effort! You can view your organisation's spend information broken down by :


MIS Reports

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