What's New:

NetSuite Integration

Fyle's NetSuite integration is now fully self-served, with no dependency on our support or engineering teams. You can connect Fyle with NetSuite in a jiffy and automate data export easily.

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Employee Specific Projects

Administrators on Fyle can now assign specific projects to employees, and employees will be restricted from having visibility into the other projects of the organization. If you work with external contractors who require limited visibility, this is going to be extremely helpful.

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Risk Score

An all new feature that gives the finance team & approvers a high-level view of how risky the expenses in a particular report are. This helps in assigning higher priority to the riskier expense reports, and setting up automation for the less risky reports which frees up a huge amount of time for your team.

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Budgets Overview

A high level view of budgets is now available for team & project managers right on their dashboard. This is an important part of the workflow for project based organizations where budgets play an important role.

Saved Filters

Saved filters are now available across the platform for all users. This is a time saving companion, allowing you to setup your own table views and sharing them with others. When combined with being able to modify table columns ordering, saved filters gives a huge boost to your workflows.

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You will now be able to upload receipts directly without having to associate with an expense beforehand, and Fyle will take care of the rest of the workflow including matching these receipts to the credit card spend. You can subsequently review these expenses to which receipts are automatically linked, add additional details, and eventually submit the reports after review.

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Feature Improvements

Add and Report Expenses from Slack

You will now be able to add expenses, and submit expense reports directly from within Slack. We told you we'd make it simple, didn't we?


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If you have any feedback to share, we are all ears at support@fylehq.com

Do let us know what new feature you would like us to build that might help you and your co-workers.

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