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Visibility of all expenses

This new capability allows you to access, filter and export all your expenses from a single page. You can filter expenses based on their properties such as date of spend, amount, spent on holiday, etc. You can also search for a particular expense using a keyword!

Access the all-new section of the web-app from Expenses > All.

Filter all expenses created by the user

Reconcile standalone credits

As a Fyler, you can now view all the credits/refunds issued on their corporate card from within the Corporate Cards section. You can create negative expenses against these credits instantly and report them alongside other expenses.

Reconciling standalone credits on Fyle

Read more about it here.

As an administrator on Fyle, you can also assign the credits directly to the user accounts if the users have not processed the credits on time. Assigning a credit to a user will create a negative expense against the credit in the user's account which can be reported by the user.

Assigning credits to the cardholders on Fyle

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Automatic mapping of projects from Quickbooks Online

With just a single click, all project / customers from Quickbooks Online will be imported into Fyle. The project mappings on Fyle and Quickbooks Online will be created and maintained automatically in the integration application without the need for manual intervention. This will reduce a lot of time and effort as you would need to add the projects only on Quickbooks Online. The data is fetched and synced at regular intervals.

Quickbooks Online

Export expenses to Xero

If your organization uses Xero for accounting purposes, and Fyle for managing employee expenses, this integration allows you to import all the expenses from Fyle and export them to your Xero account where it’ll be stored permanently for all accounting purposes.

Employees, expenses, card expenses, projects, and cost centers from your Fyle account can all be mapped to their equivalent items on Xero. Do let us know if you are looking to utilize the Fyle - Xero integration by writing to us at support@fylehq.com

Read more about it here.

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