Organisations can now directly reimburse employees from within Fyle.
A few simple steps is all it takes to set it up, and you can automate the final part of the reimbursement workflow too. ACH is available only domestically in the United States.
Interested to start using ACH? You will find more information here

Fyle via SMS

We have introduced another mode of creating expenses. The humble SMS is back, and how! All you need to do is verify your phone number through your Profile page, and you are all set! Just start sending receipts to the designated number, and expenses will be created automatically. We will even let you know after an expense has been created successfully. Learn more about this here

Delayed Email Notifications

This new feature allows administrators to delay the email notifications that employees receive when an expense report is Paid. The time delay allows you precise control on triggering reimbursement email notifications to your workforce after processing expense reports on Fyle

Employee Advanced Search 

Administrators will now be able to search for users with different roles such as Verifier, Auditor, Payment Processor amongst the other available roles. This helps you search find employee related information quickly from a single location

IP Restrictions for Administrators

This new feature gives you the capability to disable the administrative team from viewing or accessing Fyle outside the corporate network. With this configured, administrators will be be able to make requests only from a certain whitelisted IP range in your organisation. Learn more about it here

Holiday Delegation

Users are now able to delegate access to their Fyle account to anyone within the organisation. Delegating access can either be permanent or temporary. This can be changed at any time. Curious to try it out? Head to your Profile Page

Feature Improvements:

View Projects Insights

Project level analytics for expenses is now available. You can utilise this highly beneficial data from the Analytics page. It's as simple as clicking a button! 

Mileage Details on Report PDF

When you download an expense report as a PDF file, mileage expenses now include details on the start and end points. You will also be able to view if the distance has been changed from what was automatically calculated

Foreign Currency Information on Expenses Page

When you save expenses in any currency that is different than your specified home currency, you will now be able to view the foreign currency information and applicable currency conversation rate

Approval Date Visibility in Report Summary

The date on which the report was approved is displayed alongside the approver's name. More information at your fingertips!

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