TST Construction reduces their reimbursement cycle from ~2 months to 20 days with Fyle


Virginia, USA


200-500 in 7 locations across USA




Site / Civil





Emergency Response


Bonding capacity:

$10M - $40M

Challenges at TST Construction

For Finance:

  • Company outgrew usefulness of Excel-based templates for employee expense reporting.
  • Collecting physical or pdf scans of receipts from employees.
  • Every expense was checked for compliance manually making the process time consuming and prone to administrative errors.
  • Allocating expenses to applicable project required significant manual effort.
  • Corporate card reconciliation was completely manual and turned into a nightmare for the finance team.
  • Finance had to constantly follow up with employees to remind them about submitting expenses.

For employees:

  • Field employees place low priorities on submitting low cost expenses with the receipt and expense forms.
  • Frequent “receipt reminders” from accounting team created adversarial relationship between home office and field employees.

My main focus was to make the end-user experience easy
and efficient - and that was made possible with Fyle.

Brad Salter


Why TST chose Fyle?

The finance team at TST Construction was in search of a platform that fits with their core goal - making the expense process as easy as possible for the employees.

While all other solutions just felt like accounting solutions, Fyle stood out because of its focus on the experience of both the finance team and the employees.

Salter believes in automating the mundane -- be it for on-ground workers or his finance team. With Fyle, that came easy. Finance could set up workflows and automate them while employees never wasted any productive hours tracking expenses.

TST’s all new expense management with Fyle


Expenses reconciled


Expense reports processed

59 → 20 days

Reimbursement cycle

Key features used:


Automatic reconciliations


Real-time analytics


Expense tracking from everyday apps


Customized project-led approvals

Our biggest problem was that field workers didn't turn in their expenses. They found it insignificant to expense small bills and save multiple receipts. Thanks to Fyle, field workers could now turn in their expenses from anywhere. This helped us close books faster and is clearly visible in how our reimbursement cycle has improved.

Lynette Arnold, Accounting Manager at TST Constructions


Improved Employee Experience

Fyle was built with an extra focus on employee experience. With more than one easy way of reporting expenses, TST saw an increase in on-time expense report submission.

Corporate Card Reconciliations

Corporate Card Reconciliations

Using Fyle, all the card expenses were automatically reconciled. This meant no manual effort for finance or employees leading to reduced errors and increase in total card spend visibility.

Seamless Project Spend Tracking

With Fyle, the finance team maps the expenses and spends accurately to the appropriate projects and cost centers. Further, they predict accurate cost estimates and ensure that the project spends are on the track in real-time.

Seamless Project Spend Tracking
Enhanced Finance Productivity

Enhanced Finance Productivity

With Fyle’s robust dashboard and powerful analytics features, TST collects and interprets company spend data enabling them to exercise more control and make informed decisions.

Automated Approvals

With Fyle, TST automated project-led approval workflows, additional approvals for specific expenses and other multi-layered approvals.

Automated Approvals

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