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Expense management powered by AI to automate receipt tracking, data extraction from receipts, real-time policy checks, dynamic approval assignment, to ensure greater policy compliance with  exceptional employee experience.

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employee expense management
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Works where work happens

Make it easy for your team to submit bills on time, with minimal effort. They can Fyle expenses without leaving Outlook or Gmail.


Automatic data extraction for 5x

faster report submission

Realtime policy checks ensure upto

25% savings

Reduce cost of processing expense reports by over 100%

credit cards

Integrate corporate

credit cards
Simplified corporate card reconciliation to increase visibility into employee expenses while eliminating manual effort for employees. Run policy checks on all card spends.
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expense policies

Policy engine to avoid

false claims

Automated policy checks sniff out
policy violations that are impossible
for humans to detect. Upto 25%
savings from reimbursement payouts.
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Integrate with your favourite accounting or ERP systems using our built-in integrations. We can also connect with the software of your choice using our APIs.
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Fyle, reimagining expense management for businesses 

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Loved by employees, recommended by experts

Fyle is the fastest growing and the youngest player in the expense management category.  We have been featured in multiple software review websites and our users are simply in love with us. 

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And all the love got us here

Awards and reviews we have won along our journey

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expense management app

One click for paper receipts

Track real-time policy violations, automatically extract data reports, gain insight into spending trends, and more.

Here's what our customers have to say

Unmatched support with the best-in-class software


Any support requests I’ve submitted have
been met with a sense of urgency and tackled
in an extremely timely manner. Very
impressed with this team!


Eric Kinniburgh


Very simple and easy to use interface. We can
have different entities under one umbrella.
Easy to use internationally. No more old style paper
reports and receipts. Everything is combined. The
cost for the application is very reasonable.
All travel related expenses in one platform. Easier
to monitor and keep track of expenses.


Alice Karlson


It’s a well-thought-of product that covers a few
alternatives for me to submit my expenses.
While using it for my current company, I thought of
how it would have benefited me in my previous ones
as well.


Baldwin Ng


As featured in

Showcasing a few global shout-outs
we’ve received over the years.


"Fyle allows employees to
track and manage their travel,
insurance, local conveyance
medical expenses."


"You can sync your corporate
card transactions and auto-
match expenses that have
been Fyled."

"One-click expense report
signals the end of expense
forms and templates"


"Fyle is making
reimbursement filing a

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