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No More Typing

Manual data entry is by far the most frustrating thing about most expense management systems and the #1 reason for delaying receipt submission.

We take care of this by scraping expense data automatically along with the attached receipt and pre-populating it in Fyle so all you have to do is hit Fyle it & they're in! 

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Auto Capture Data From Paper Receipts

Got paper receipts? No problem.

Take a picture of the receipts with Fyle's mobile app and our truly intelligent algorithm will capture the data in the receipt instantly!

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Powerful policy engine

Fyle's AI Powered data extraction captures most details on a receipt and Fyle's powerful engine translates your most intricate expense policies into effect so all those pesky out of policy expenses get flagged off at source.

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Expense Policy Management

Integrate corporate credit cards

Simplified corporate card reconciliation to increase visibility and convenience. Reduce manual process for employees and administrators alike. Identify transactions without receipts effortlessly. 

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Corporate credit card management

Powerful Integrations 

Fyle integrates with a broad range of ERP and Accounting Softwares and saves your team from countless hours of manual work.  

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Fyle is not only a well rounded, well built expense report solution but the platform is clearly built and managed by people who care about the end user's experience.

Eric Kinniburgh, COO




Take a photo of your receipts, enter a description and you are done. It's that simple! Highly recommended expense management tool.

Leonidas Georgiou, Product Manager




Earlier I used to always put expense reports off for another day - printouts, filling forms etc.Now with Fyle, it's a lot easier and I get the job done in a few scans and clicks.

Srikrishnan Ganesan, Director of Product Management

Fyle's extension integrates with your gmail and automatically parses receipts and invoices - saving precious time and makes filing expenses a breeze!

Aadil Bandukwala, Chief Evangelist


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