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Fyle is built for teams of all sizes. Bring your entire company onboard, but pay only for active users.

Users who create an expense report are considered active for a month.


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Upto 100 active users

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$7.99 for every additional active user

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Upto 50 active users

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$7.99 for every additional active user

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Upto 15 active users

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$7.99 for every additional active user

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Fyle is used by larger enterprises as well. If you have a large number of employees claiming expenses, Fyle might be right for you


Configure your subscription with these additional features and services. Add-ons can be added with a one-time fee, and have no impact on your subscription billing.

Credit card feed setup


Manage corporate cards, assign cards, import feeds, reconcile transactions and accelerate reimbursements.

Guided implementation


We take care of everything, from implementing policies and approval workflows to setting up integrations and bank payments.

Multi-country setup


Set up multi-country, multi-org structure and implement cross org approvals with the ability to manage expenses centrally.


All Features, for everyone

iOS and Android Apps

Using the Fyle app, scan paper receipts and create expenses in an instant without having to do any manual entry

Mileage tracking

Track and log your business and work mileage using your mobile device. Use custom rates for different classes of vehicles.

Split expenses

Split your expenses and assign them to projects and cost centers while checking them for policy violations.


Extract expense data from your paper and e-receipts automatically with just a snap of a picture.


Use BulkFyle to extract data from multiple receipts in one go. Just add all your receipts and Fyle will do the rest.

Offline mode

Fyle lets you save your receipts even when you are offline and extracts data as soon as you have network coverage.

Mobile approvals

Managers can view expense reports and approve them while on the go using their mobile devices.

Real-time checks

All expenses are checked for possible policy violations before an employee can submit them for reimbursement.

Self-serve setup

With a simple UI, finance executives with zero technical background can set up policies in Fyle.

Duplicate detection

Detect duplicate receipts and expenses automatically and notify employees before submissions.

Policy checks across devices

Whether it is a desktop, mobile or a tablet device, Fyle checks all expenses for violations before expense creation.

Comments for resolution

Fyle doesn't allow submission of a vioalting expense without necessary justification from the employee.

Enhanced control on expenses

Use the actions of your choice. Select between warning, rejecting, capping the amount or adding additional approvers.

Report from mailbox

Instantly report expenses from a Gmail or Outlook inbox while checking for policy violations.

Receipt scanning

Scan receipts to instantly capture expense information using iOS or Android devices.

Receipt forwarding

Set up receipt forwarding from your favorite vendors to Fyle and create expenses automatically.

Find my receipts

Fyle can find all your receipts inside Gmail and organize them by merchants, trips, and categories.

Unlimited storage

A Fyle subscription comes with an indefinite and unlimited storage for all your receipts.

Digital audit trail

View the complete audit trail of an expense or a report. Fyle logs every action taken on an expense item or a report.

Multi-level approvals

Set up a sequential approval hierarchy with multiple approvers based on employee grades and departments.

Cross-org approval hierarchies

Fyle lets you enforce approvals across orgs

Multiple secondary approvers

Add additional approvers by default or add approvers on a policy violation.

Import credit card statements

Upload corporate credit card statements and reconcile them with expenses created inside Fyle.

Corporate card feed syncs

Set up a direct bank feed for all cards in your corporate card program and reduce manual effort.

Multiple card program management

Manage card programs from multiple providers centrally and keep track of card assignments.

View unmatched expenses

Quickly filter out all unmatched expenses from your card statements and remind employees to match expenses.

Manage credit reversals

Handle reversals made on credit card statements with ease within Fyle.

Split expenses on cards

Split expenses made on cards and assign them to projects and cost centers while checking for policy violations.

Pre-trip authorizations

Use pre-trip authorization workflows for streamlining travel, hotel and flight booking requests.

Map expenses reports with trips

Business travellers can create expense reports and map them with the trips they have requested.

Policy checks on bookings

When creating an expense for a hotel or flight booking, Fyle checks for policy violations helping employees stay compliant.

Quickbooks Online

A Fyle subscription comes with a one-click integration with Quickbooks Online.


Fyle integrates with NetSuite and you can post your expenses as vouchers into NetSuite.


Connect Fyle with Tally and reconcile expenses made on Fyle with your books inside Tally


Want to track time spent on projects with expenses? Fyle also integrates with the world's most loved time tracking tool, Tsheets.


Using Zapier, you can connect Fyle with a number of accounting software, CRM, and other project management tools.


Connect Fyle with Xero using Zapier and reconcile emploee expenses with your accounting software.

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An employee who creates at least one expense report in a month is considered as an active user. You can onboard all employees but you get charged only for active users.
We offer discounts for non-profits, educational institutions, and startups with less than 20 employees. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to know more.
Upon exceeding the number of users for which you subscribe, you will be charged $7.99 for every additional user per month.
Add-ons are services which you can avail with your subscription to make the most out of Fyle. We provide services like multi-country setup, credit card feed set up, and implementation support at a nominal price.
Yes, we provide implementation support through a dedicated account manager. You can avail this by paying a one-time fee.

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