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$4.99  per active user  /assets/images/pricing/info.svg

Starts at $25 for 5 users

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Add more to your subscription with a one-time cost that doesn’t impact your subscription billing

Guided onboarding


Training for you and your team as you transit to Fyle

Credit card feed set up fee

$499 per card provider

Direct transaction feed for your corporate cards

Multi-country set up

$499 per org

Multiple organizations & currencies under one account

Pre Trip authorization set up


Custom approval workflows for business travel requests

Policies set up and testing


Custom setup for complex, multi-layered policies


G Suite armour

With our Gmail add-on and Chrome extension, never leave your inbox to report an expense.


Paper receipts in bulk? Capture receipts using InstaFyle. Receipts stored in Dropbox? One click is all it takes with Fyle.

Per Diems and Mileage

Configure Per Diem rates and enable Mileage tracking for your employees to make reimbursements hassle-free.

Advance requests

Enable your employees to request advances within Fyle to be audit-ready and handle workflow exceptions with ease.

Advance request policies

Configure policies around advance requests and enable automated pre-submission checks.

Collect refunds

When your employees don’t exhaust the advance amount, collect refunds automatically or close the books around issued advances.

Reconcile expenses

Match or unmatch credit card transactions with existing expenses or just create one in Fyle.

Automated card feed sync

Sync direct bank feeds from multiple banks and for multiple card programs.

Custom reminders

Automate receipt collection and expense reporting with custom reminders that are sent to your employees, whenever you prefer.


Pre-submission checks

Drive compliant spending habits and reduce time spent in resolving them.

Approve on-the-go

Expedite approvals of trip requests, advance requests and more directly from your mobile device.

Custom reminders

Remind managers of pending approvals and employees of pending expense reports automatically.

Real-time enforcement

Drive compliant spending habits by enabling policy checks at the point of expense reporting.

Comprehensive fraud detection

From detecting duplicate bills to weekend and holiday bills, configure Fyle to enforce your complex policies, in an employee friendly manner.

In-app checks

Respond to policy checks from the mobile app or from G Suite and Office 365 integrations.

Trip reports

Get complete visibility and control over any employee’s total trip-wise spend through trip expense reports.

Draft reports

Let your employees stay on top of their expenses by adding them to a report without submitting it.

Policies on Trips

Run policies on hotel and flight bookings. All expenses are checked for violations before submissions, promoting compliant behaviour.

Pre-trip authorizations

Manage pre-trip requisitions and approval workflows for simplified travel management.

Travel, Finance and Approver roles

Automate travel bookings, approvals and expenses by sharing access with your travel desk, admin or manager.

Reconcile trip expenses

Sync expenses and card transactions with a trip expense report to understand consolidated trip-wise spend.

Trip analytics

Avoid overspending on hotels and flights by understanding your company’s booking patterns.

Travel integrations

Connect your travel management platform with Fyle and seamlessly centralize all your trip bookings and expenses.



Rationalise Company Spends

Fyle provides visibility around spend by categories, vendors, departments, and more so you can reduce expenses to rationalise company budgets and costs.

Optimise Operations

Take control of your team’s productivity with insights on turnaround time from reporting to reimbursements and booking patterns for trip requests.

Mitigate Risks

Be in the know and work towards eliminating high-risk factors like unauthorized weekend spends, top policy violators, and more with Fyle.


Connect with Quickbooks online

Sync expenses in Fyle with your ledgers in QBO with just a single click and get started in under two minutes.

Reconcile expenses in NetSuite

Post expense vouchers to NetSuite at your convenience and automate journal entries for expenses.

Connect credit card programs

Use direct sync for your corporate credit card programs and never perform manual reconciliation of credit card expenses.


Apps for iOS and android

Scan receipts, track mileage and get done with expense reports on-the-move.



Apps for Gmail and Outlook

Fyle receipts buried in your emails in a single click, without leaving your inbox.

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An employee who creates at least one expense report in a month is considered as an active user. You can onboard all employees but you get charged only for active users.
We offer discounts for non-profits, educational institutions, and startups with less than 20 employees. Please get in touch with us at to know more.
You would be charged according to your selected plan based on the actual number of active users in that month.
Add-ons are services which you can avail with your subscription to make the most out of Fyle. We provide services like multi-country setup, credit card feed set up, and implementation support at a nominal price.
Yes, we provide implementation support through a dedicated account manager. You can avail this by paying a one-time fee.
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