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Fyle Technologies Private Limited or any of its affiliates or associate companies or subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Fyle”, “We”, “us”, and “our”), uses cookies and similar technologies in the course of business including through our websites or (the “Sites”), the Fyle email plugins, the Fyle chrome extension or any other website or mobile/web applications (“Apps”) that links to this cookie policy owned, operated and controlled by us and when our users visit or use our Site or Apps or plugins (collectively hereinafter referred to as “Services”). Any user visiting or using these Services will receive cookies from us. This cookie policy is and will be treated as part of our Terms of Use and is automatically incorporated therein.

The terms “you”, “user” and “subscriber” refer to all individuals and other persons including but not limited to any company, organization, legal entity or otherwise their respective employees, agents or representatives who access or use our Services. By continuing to visit or use our Services, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes described in this policy.


Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies set by the Site owner are called “first party cookies”. Cookies set by parties other than the Site owner are called “third party cookies”.


We use cookies to recognize you when you visit or use our Services, remember your preferences, and give you a personalized experience that's in line with your settings. Cookies also make your interactions with our Services faster and more secure.

We do not set any cookies on any of our Services hence the term cookies in the context of this policy shall be used to mean third party cookies and not first party cookies unless the term first party cookies is used explicitly.

Third party cookies enable third party features or functionalities to be provided on or through the Site or Services you are using (such as advertising, interactive content). Third parties include but are not limited to business partners, suppliers, sub-contractors, advertisers & advertising networks, analytics & search engine providers, payment providers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “third parties”). Our Site is hosted on our servers and uses third party cookies from (, Google Analytics and Adwords and Cloudflare for advertising, analytics, and other purposes including but not limited to provision of their Services to us. This is described in more detail further in this policy. The third parties that set these cookies can recognize your device including but not limited to mobile devices, computers, laptops (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Device”) both when it visits our Site and when it visits certain other websites. The use of cookies by third parties on our sites is not covered by our Privacy Policy. We do not have control over third party cookies or trackers third parties may use. For more information about how we process your personal information, please consult our Privacy Policy.


The type of third-party cookies served through our Site and the purposes they perform are described in further detail below:

Authentication: If you’re signed in to our Sites, cookies help us show you the right information and personalize your experience.

Security: We use cookies to enable and support our security features, and to help us detect malicious activity and violations of our Terms of Use.

Preferences, features and Services: Cookies can tell us which language you prefer and what your communications preferences are. They can help you fill out forms on our sites more easily. They also provide you with features, insights, and customized content in conjunction with our plugins.

Advertising: We may utilize cookies to serve you relevant ads on our platform. Also, the third parties we work with may set certain cookies to gauge your interest and serve ads either on our site or some other sites.


The specific types of cookies served through our Sites are described in the table below (please note that the cookies served may vary depending on the specific website you visit):

Type of Cookies Cookie Provider
Website Cookies Hubspot
Performance Functionality Cookies Google Analytics, Cloudflare
Advertisement Cookies Google Adwords
Analytics and Customisation Cookies Google Analytics

Type of Cookies Cookie Provider Website Cookies Hubspot Performance Functionality Cookies Google Analytics, Cloudflare Advertisement Cookies Google Adwords Analytics and Customisation Cookies Google Analytics

1.5 Cookies and Interest based Advertising

Cookies and other technologies such as web beacons and pixels enable and help us serve relevant ads. They help us provide aggregated research and reporting for advertisers, understand and improve our Services and know when content has been shown to you. Please note: As your web browser might request ads and beacons from third parties, these third parties may view, edit or set cookies, like as if you had requested a web page from their website. Ads served by us may also set third party cookies.

We do not knowingly engage in provision of any personal information that we collect to advertisers unless you have given us permission to do so. You can opt out of interest based ads from us as well from advertisers on our websites and apps and from third party sites. To adjust your opt out preferences please click here. Please note that opting out will not remove advertising from the pages you visit; it will mean that the ads you see may not be matched to your interests.

1.6 How can you control cookies?

You have the right to decide whether to accept or reject cookies. Most browsers allow you to control cookies through the browser settings feature and manage cookies to suit your preferences. This means that you can disallow cookies from all sites except those sites that you trust.

1.6.1 Steps to pursue if you do not want cookies to be set or want them removed

If you do not want to receive cookies you can change your browser settings on your device that you use to access our Services. If you use our Services without changing the settings on your device, we will assume that you are accepting to use the cookies that reference this policy. Most browsers provide the functionality to review and delete cookies, however please note that our site will not work properly without cookies. To find out more about cookies visit

1.6.2 Do Not Track

Some Internet browsers - like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari - include the ability to transmit “Do Not Track” or “DNT” signals. Since uniform standards for “DNT” signals have not been adopted, our websites do not currently process or respond to “DNT” signals. Fyle takes privacy and meaningful choice seriously and will make efforts to continue to monitor developments around DNT browser technology and the implementation of a standard. To learn more about “DNT”, please visit All About Do Not Track:

1.7 Resource you may want to reference:

Below links are helpful if you want to learn about advertiser’s use of cookies:

Below is a reference to some popular browser manufacturers and their help pages relating to cookie management in their respective products.


We may update this cookie policy from time to time to reflect, for example, changes to the cookies we use or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. Please therefore re-visit this cookie policy regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies and related technologies. The date at the bottom of this cookie policy indicates when it was last updated.


If you have any questions about our use of cookies or other technologies, please email us at

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