Track Every Expense - On Web, Mobile and Inside Email

Gmail and Outlook Plugins to manage receipts inside your inbox, mobile apps for scanning paper receipts. Fyle puts technology to work and organizes all your expenses centrally. Expense Report made painless, finally.


Worldʼs First AI Powered Email Plugin

70% of receipts are digitized today, about time you stopped printing your emails - Fyle's plugin automatically extracts expense data from Gmail & Outlook.

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AutoFyle - Receipt Capture on Mobile

Mobile app to capture paper receipts on iOS and Android. Access your stored receipts anywhere, create expense reports in one click and share instantly! 

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Effortless Receipt Management Powered By AI

We understand how frustrating receipt management can be, so we taught Fyle how to automatically categorize your expenses. Fyle automatically tags expenses based on category and stores it centrally in the cloud for you.

Receipt categorization

Automatic Receipt Categorization

Fyle automatically categorizes expenses based on vendor and more information - restaurant bills into food, Uber, Ola and Lyft bills into taxis and more. Another worry is taken away from you.

Expense Tags

Smart Tagging For your Expenses

Want to put together expenses for that business project? Want to tag expenses to a specific business trip? Not a problem. Fyle lets you create tags, associate expenses to trips or projects.

Fyle and your company

Want to see how Fyle works for your business? Just let us know and we will arrange a 1:1 personalized demo for you.

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