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Unlimited receipt scans/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
GPS mileage tracking/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
Duplicate detection/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
Receipt scan in email/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/close.svg
Scan multiple receipts at a time/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/close.svg
Run analytical reports/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/close.svg
Policy checks before submission/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/close.svg
Delegate access/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
Approval workflows/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
Corporate card reconciliationOn all plansSelect plans
Multi-layer approvalOn all plansSelect plans
Custom approvalsOn all plansSelect plans
Custom fieldsOn all plansSelect plans
Accounting codesOn all plansSelect plans
Custom export optionsOn all plansSelect plans
Guided review/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
Quickbooks online integration/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg/assets/images/concur-certify/check.svg
NetSuite integrationOn all plansSelect plans

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Fyle doesn’t have access to any personally identifiable information because all our processing is done by machines, not humans.

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