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No messages to switch to our card (we work with
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No lock-in contracts

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Leading finance teams who chose Fyle over Expensify

Here’s why you should consider Fyle.

  • Fyle integrates with your cards and provides the best spend management experience. We neither offer nor promote any card.

  • Fyle has a simple and straightforward pricing model that is based on usage. We offer two plans depending upon the features you would want to use. The pricing does not depend on which card you use or connect to Fyle.

  • We'll never use your employees' email data to send them political messages.

  • Fyle charges you only for those users who actually create or submit an expense report, or have spent on their cards connected to Fyle.

  • Fyle does not promote any card. Period.

  • Fyle does not outsource any of its product development, engineering or support. We believe that offering a great customer experience consistently requires us to invest in our people, who in turn take care of customers in the best way possible.

  • If getting great customer support is important for you, look no further. Fyle guarantees a first response time of under 30 minutes, which is unmatched in the industry.

  • Fyle is extremely easy for employees to use, and has powerful configurations so that Finance teams can mould the product to match their company workflows.

  • Complete control over the product – easily enable/disable features based on your business requirements.

  • Enterprise-grade security and 100% ownership of your data.

  • Seamless, customisable, and self-serve integrations with NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QBO
    and Xero.

  • When you opt for a Fyle subscription, you can opt out anytime. If you’re not happy with our product or service, you can walk away without any lock-ins and easy data-exports.

Enhance your expense management experience with Fyle

Our customers love us!

We’re obsessed about keeping our customers happy. Your dedicated Account Manager is just an email or call away with an average first response time of under 30 minutes.

Our Customers Love Us

Real-time compliance

Embrace the modern way - Fyle checks for policies even before the expense is submitted for approval so that you don't have to return expenses to employees.

Fyle from everywhere

Fyle is present where your expense receipts reside. This means employees can submit expenses directly from Outlook or Gmail inbox, Slack, their phone gallery and more.

Fyle from everywhere
Approval Automation Multiexpense

Your data is yours

Fyle has open APIs that get you programmatic access to your own data to integrate with other software or to take backups.

Multi-layered approval automation

Automate any approval workflow -- sequential, parallel, policy-driven, multi-stage, multi-org, project-based right from your inbox or mobile app.

Multiple expenses at once

Using Bulkfyle, upload up to 20 receipts at once and see them appear as separate expenses automatically.

Fyle vs. Expensify, stacked side-by-side

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Ease of use



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Product direction (% positive)




You pay for what you use. This means you can onboard all your employees onto Fyle but only pay for active users. Active users are employees who submit at least one report in that month. Explore details about every plan here.
Fyle’s customer support is available to you 24/7 with a dedicated in-house team who are not just Product Specialists but also problem solvers. Our first response time, on average, is currently under 30 mins.
We will never show you any ads on our platform or send you any gratuitous emails. We only focus on solving your expense management needs and nothing else.
At Fyle, we take data security very seriously. This means YOUR DATA IS YOURS – secure, private, and only visible to you. Check out our security measures by simply scheduling a demo.​

With Fyle, you get

Modern enterprise-ready software
that your employees love


Faster ROI with rapid adoption
and implementation


Cost effective software
that pays for itself


Don’t take our word for it. Get a demo today and experience the new standard for the new generation.

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