Looking for an Expensify alternative?

Fyle ensures you never have to chase employees ever again to submit their receipts and expense reports, at the same time ensuring your policies are always adhered to thanks to our AI and ML powered technology. With power packed industry first features, Fyle is the one expense management tool you will ever need.

How Fyle makes expense management better

One click data extraction from all kinds of receipts

Fyle ships with handy AI and ML powered email extensions for both Gmail and Outlook that makes expense reporting as simple as liking a picture on Facebook. With Fyle's mobile app, all you have to do is click a picture and the data is instantly extracted. Fyle's robust AI algorithm means data extraction happens almost instantaneously.

Powerful policy engine - notify employees of policy violation, right then and there

Translate your organization's intricate expense policies into practice using our simple drag and drop policy builder. Let's face it, no one remembers expense policies. And most times, employees come to know of policy violations only after accounts have a look at the expense report. Our friendly bot tells employees if there is a policy violation in their expenses, even as the employee is trying to report the expense. Save precious time instead of spending time in email back and forths.

Digital audit trail

Say no to manual audits. Our friendly neighbourhood Fylebot keeps track of every single action taken by employees, managers, approvers and the accounting team and records this for eternity.

24x7, world-class support

Fyle is loved for the ease of use. But if the need arises, and you have to talk to someone from the team, or just want to say hi, we are available round the clock. And customers love us for the world-class support we provide.

User friendly software means more adoption

And more adoption means you do not have to chase employees for their receipts and expense reports anymore. Capterra identifies Fyle as the best in class expense management solution when it comes to ease of use. We are also highly rated by our customers in G2Crowd apart from Capterra.

Features that make Fyle truly the new standard in expense management


AI based duplicate detection

Fyle's intelligent AI based algorithm identifies duplicate receipts even as the receipt is being reported. This saves valuable time as you don't have to waste crucial man hours in avoidable email back and forth.

Flexible approval workflows

Automate your approval workflows and you will never ever have to do anything manually again. You can also configure multiple approvers depending on specific policies and conditions. Additional approvers can be automatically added in case of policy violation.

Truly global

Create multiple organizations across your company, each with its own currency and organization approval hierarchy. You can also analyze org-wide data. Per diem can also be set for different currencies.

Pay only for active users

When your organization uses Fyle, you only have to pay for active users. Active users are your users who file 3 or more expenses per month.

We are loved by accounting teams worldwide.


Are you ready to make the move from Expensify to Fyle?

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