Connect NetSuite with Fyle for seamless accounting

Automate your bookkeeping process by connecting Fyle with your NetSuite. Our robust integration syncs all your
expense data,including receipts, card transactions, GL codes, and custom fields, in real-time.

Intelligent expense coding

Your accounting team can stop manually coding your expense fields every single time. The integration automatically captures and populates all expense data from Fyle to NetSuite.

Accounting can be seamless again

Reduce time to close with Fyle

Rich configurations

Connecting your NetSuite account does not need a support engineer anymore. All you need are your Fyle and NetSuite credentials, and you are good to go!

Quick Configuration

Import system/custom fields from NetSuite

Create a Select Type custom field in Fyle within the integration and map it to a system field or custom field imported from Netsuite. The field values are also automatically synced. As a result, admins need not manually create a custom field and values in Fyle and then map them to Netsuite.

Field mapping

Map employees, reimbursable expenses, corporate card expenses from Fyle to corresponding fields in NetSuite based on your accounting setup.

Field mapping
Custom Field Mapping

Automated data sync

Set up auto-sync for your payments: export ACH payments (US only) from Fyle into NetSuite or import NetSuite payments into Fyle. Also, when a new employee joins or a new category/project/customer is created, Fyle automatically syncs the data, eliminating manual effort.

Tax imports

Import existing Tax Items in NetSuite as Tax Groups in Fyle. Users can choose the relevant Tax Group while submitting expenses and the integration calculates and exports the right tax amount, tax code, and gross amount to NetSuite, allowing Admins to submit tax reports on time.

Tax imports
Expense groups

Expense groups

To make accounting easier, group expenses by category, expense report, merchant, etc., before exporting expenses from Fyle to NetSuite. Also, group reimbursable and card expenses separately for more clarity. These exports can either be in the state 'Paid' or 'Payment Processing' and can be dated per business needs.

Easy imports and exports

Import approved expenses that are in the payment queue from Fyle and export expenses to NetSuite quickly. All expense fields, custom fields, and attachments get mapped accurately as bills, expense reports, journal entries, or card transactions.

Easy imports and exports
Automated imports and exports

Automated imports and exports

Set up a cadence for the integration to automatically import and export data from Fyle and NetSuite. Expenses that are ready to be paid are exported to NetSuite, and paid entries are imported into Fyle.

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