Say hello to error-free accounting with
the QuickBooks Online + Fyle Integration

Are you still manually coding and syncing transactions into QuickBooks? Or are you dealing with faulty
integrations that double your workload? Then, connect your QuickBooks account with Fyle for 100%
seamless, automated, secure, and accurate accounting.

Quickbooks Online Accounting System Integration with Fyle’s Expense Management Software

Intelligent expense coding

The Fyle +QuickBooks Online integration saves your accounting team hours of productive work by
automatically coding all expense related data including projects, GL codes, categories, locations,
and other custom fields.

Accounting can be seamless again

Automate your bookkeeping with Fyle

Set up your own account

Connect your QuickBooks Online account to Fyle yourself without waiting for an account manager. Just enter your Fyle and QuickBooks credentials, and voila!

Self-serve, direct configuration of Quickbooks Online Accounting System with Fyle’s Expense Management Software
Map all expense data automatically

Map all expense data automatically

Specify how your employees, reimbursable expenses, and corporate credit card expenses should be mapped in QuickBooks. Additionally, you can automate the import of employees, projects, and online expense accounts into Fyle.

Automate custom field mappings

You can now create a Select Type custom field in Fyle within the integrations and map it to a system field, classes, department imported from Quickbooks online. The field values would also be automatically synced. As a result, admins need not invest time in manually creating a custom field and values in Fyle and then mapping them to Quickbooks online.

Automate custom field mappings
Export expense reports to QuickBooks

Export expense reports to QuickBooks

Move approved expense reports in the payment queue in Fyle to QuickBooks Online with a single click. All necessary expense fields get auto-populated in your QuickBooks Bill/Journal Entry/ Credit Card Purchases.

Tax imports

Import existing Tax Items in QuickBooks Online as Tax Groups in Fyle. Users can choose the relevant Tax Group while submitting expenses and the integration calculates and exports the right tax amount, tax code, and gross amount to QuickBooks, allowing Admins to submit tax reports on time.

Tax imports
Troubleshoot easily

Troubleshoot easily

In the unlikely event that export to QuickBooks fails, the integration will notify you of the error. You can then get detailed insights into why the export failed and navigate to the expense report from the app.

Automate imports and exports

Set up a cadence for the integration to automatically import and export data from Fyle to QuickBooks. When you move an expense report to the payment queue, the integration will automatically export it to QuickBooks at the scheduled time.

Automate imports and exports

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