Business Credit Card Management with Fyle

Get instant notifications and collect receipts via text for all credit card spend, and automate credit card reconciliations. * Fyle directly integrates with Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards

How Fyle's automated expense reporting system gives you real-time notifications for credit card transactions.
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How Fyle's automated expense reporting system gives you real-time notifications for credit card transactions.

How do corporate credit cards
make expense management easier?

Enhanced visibility and control

  • Centralized tracking: Consolidate spend data from all corporate cards into a single, easily accessible statement. This eliminates the need for manual expense report creation and simplifies budgeting.
  • Real-time insights: Gain visibility into company spending by department, employee or category. This helps you identify potential cost saving opportunities and make informed financial decisions.
  • Reduced errors: Automate expense reporting by integrating business cards with the software. This eliminates manual data entry and streamlines the reimbursement process, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Improved cash flow and enhanced compliance

  • Strategic use of rewards: You can utilize rewards programs to earn points or cash back that can be redeemed for various purchases, reducing your reliance on company funds.
  • Accurate budgeting: Centralized tracking allows for more accurate budgeting and financial forecasting, enabling you to make better decisions on resource allocation.
  • Enforced spend policies: Set spend limits and restrict spending to specific expense categories, ensuring adherence to company policies and separation of personal and business expenses.

Improved employee experience

  • Reduced time spent on expense reports: Corporate cards can significantly reduce the time and effort required for expense report creation and processing.
  • Improved employee experience: Employees can easily track and submit expenses digitally, reducing the need for manual expense reports.

How does Fyle simplify
business credit card management?

Real-time credit card feeds

Fyle directly integrates with any Visa, Mastercard, or Amex business card, regardless of the issuing bank, to notify you by text every time your business credit card is swiped.

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Real-time credit card feeds

Why Fyle is the best credit card receipt tracking app.

Automated receipt tracking, powered by AI

Text a picture of your receipt to Fyle and any additional details like projects, cost centers, memos and more. Fyle's AI takes care of the rest, automatically creating and submitting your expense report.

  • No more chasing employees for receipts
  • Zero learning curve for employees
  • Automated general ledger coding
  • Faster closing of books

See how Fyle automates receipt collection

Automated receipt tracking, powered by AI

Track receipts over text messages with Fyle's powerful credit card receipt tracking app.

Real-time visibility into company-wide spend

Fyle gives you real-time insights into both card transactions and out-of-pocket expenses. You can analyze spending across categories, projects, departments, and more for a complete financial picture.

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Real-time visibility into company-wide spend

Fyle gives you visibility into organization wide credit card and out-of-pocket expenses

Automated policy compliance

Fyle’s policy engine lets you define complex spending rules for categories, employees, projects, and more. Additionally, Fyle’s AI automatically detects fraudulent expenses even before they’re submitted, saving you valuable time and money.

See how Fyle automates compliance

Automated policy compliance

Automate compliance for corporate credit card expenses with Fyle.

Robust accounting integrations

Fyle seamlessly integrates with your accounting software, automatically syncing business mileage and expense reports. This eliminates manual errors and saves time for finance teams to focus on other important tasks.

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Robust accounting integrations

Sync all your business credit card expenses to your accounting software automatically.

Some best practices for
corporate credit card expense management

Set clear and enforcable expense policies

Develop a clear company credit card policy outlining acceptable uses, spending limits, and employee responsibilities.

Right card for the right job

Issue corporate cards based on spending needs. Issue corporate cards or virtual cards based on spending needs and avoid using personal cards for business expenses.

Regular monitoring and reconciliation

Review card statements and reconcile transactions to identify discrepancies and potential fraud early on.

Automate expense tracking and reporting

Use an expense management tool like Fyle to automate expense tracking and receipt collection, categorize transactions, and simplify reporting for employees and finance teams.

Easy expense management on credit cards you already have

Fyle: One platform for
any business credit card

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