Built by, and for, people who are tired of filing expense reports manually

The world has changed over the last two decades. But expense management has remained the same -
manual, time-consuming, and complicated.

Born out of personal frustration, we created Fyle.

Fyle is the new-age expense management software that works where you work. Nested inside everyday
apps, we ensure your expense reporting and expense tracking woes are a challenge of the past.

Our investors

Investors and Fyle

Why Fyle?

Why Fyle?

Fyle is a global expense management software with happy customers spread across 83 countries.

We custom-designed Fyle to end your expense management and expense reporting woes - no matter your business size, industry, or expense management needs.

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Don’t just take our word for it

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Fyle is the best expense management software
out there

We’re not saying this. Hear from real customers, users and analysts on
G2, Gartner, IDC.

Fyle expense management software G2 Crowd rating 2020 Fyle expense management software G2 Crowd rating 2020

Tight-knit integrations with the best of accounting softwares

Integrations with Fyle Integrations with Fyle

Our journey so far to set a new standard in expense management



Tired of manual expense management, we take matters into our own hands and build Fyle.


Fyle receive seed funding of $400,000 led by Pravega Ventures, BeeNext, and a few angel
investors including redBus co-founder Phanindra Sama, Zivame founder Richa Kar and Joydeep
Sen Sarma, co-founder of cloud company Qubole.



We launch our first version of Fyle and onboarded select customers.



With a steadily growing community, we announce our Series A funding of $4.2 million, led by Tiger
Global Management and our existing investors.


Fyle goes international to empower global businesses to put an end to their expense
management problems!


We successfully integrate with WhatsApp! We also announce our Series A1 funding of $4.5 million,
led by Steadview Capital.



With the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted to the remote work scenario. We then decided to go
completely remote.



What started as a team of 6 is now a family of 80 supported by love from customers spread across
83 countries. We are excited to see what lies ahead of us in our mission to free the world of manual
expense management!


Solve expense management for today and beyond.

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