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We take immense pride to introduce the heroes behind Fyle. It’s true; not all heroes wear capes. Here’s a sneak peek into the people who make Fyle, Fyle.

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/assets/images/team/yashwanth-madhusudan.png Yashwanth Madhusudan

Yash helps bring in the moolah; he is our CEO. Keep a watchful eye, as food is never safe around him. When not working, he's known to take brilliant portrait photographs of the team.

/assets/images/team/sivaramakrishnan-narayanan.png Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan

Siva is the Co-founder and CTO of one, the father of two and the roasting baba of many. Siva is known to be such a positive guy; that even his codes don't have any minus signs!

/assets/images/team/abhinav-goswami.png Abhinav Goswami

Abhinav, our Chief-of-Staff, holds the secret to getting work done. When not working, he's likely preparing for his next marathon. He likes his mornings with strong cup of Coorgi coffee with his breakfast.

/assets/images/team/abhishek-jain.png Abhishek Jain

Abhishek leads all our front-end efforts at Fyle. His young demeanor often stumps many. Once you get past that, his ability to get things done at a pace unknown to humanity is a journey to witness.

/assets/images/team/adithya-kavaluru.png Adithya Kavuluru

Adithya leads our entire engineering herd, (it's a wild one without him!). When not working (which is rare) or pulling off pranks, you'll find him drooling over a Venn diagram for breakfast.

/assets/images/team/aditi-saini.png Aditi Saini

Aditi's designs bring sheer delight in our users' lives. When she's not busy painting her canvas at Fyle, you'll find her drifting away among the lush greens, lost in thought.

/assets/images/team/aditya-agrawal.png Aditya Agrawal

Aditya is our first intern who has crossed over to the other side. He takes care of infra like his own baby. When not working, he loves to travel. He also spends most of his free time watching Marvel movies.

/assets/images/team/aditya-srinivas.png Aditya Srinivas

Aditya's wit outruns his weird. When not mulling over design problems, he's making products he cannot justify. He's also the proud (and loud) owner of an astrology API service and voice-bot he trained on Alexa.

/assets/images/team/aiyush-dhar.png Aiyush Dhar

Aiyush brings our beautiful product designs to life. His front-end chops leave many desirous. Beyond work, he finds solace in video games, his blog and his hot cup of ginger lemon tea.

/assets/images/team/anagha.png Anagha VL

Anagha can pull off a 'for loop' in style. When not busy at work, you'll either find her playing with a puppy or cribbing about how nothing tastes good enough! She often dreams of nice vacations, with nice puppies and nice food.

/assets/images/team/arif-khan.png Mohammed Arif Khan

Arif is our go-to guy for all things digital marketing. His hair is every boy's envy and every girl's conversation starter. He's known to have traveled far and wide, just using his super intricate mind.

/assets/images/team/arun-tvs.png Arun TVS

Arun ensures emails reach our users on time, among other back-end components. He's known to have gone through14 million 605 scenarios before his production push and claims to understand Groot.

/assets/images/team/astha-gupta.png Astha Gupta

Astha leads our sales efforts for India. When not closing deals with a swag, she's traveling to new places, driving Teslas, learning about different cultures and coming back home with some amazing stories and goodies.

/assets/images/team/benai-kumar.png Benai Kumar

Benai is the magician who breathes life into the marketing team's weirdest of demands. Beyond work, he has an obsession for not-liking Game of Thrones and Chrome Dev Tools.

/assets/images/team/girish-d-vagele.png Girish D Vagele

Girish does sales and how! When not closing deals, he is known to wander off to unreachable locations hidden within meandering trails. He's also known to have once spent an hour trying to find the plural of octopus.

/assets/images/team/gokul.png Gokul Kathiresan

Gokul is the savior for all things that start and end with corporate cards. When not busy, he's mostly found ogling at anything that contains sugar. He's also known to have his charm around things.

/assets/images/team/harshit-bhole.png Harshit Bole

Harshit began his journey at Fyle working on front-end and now gets his dose of adrenaline rush by killing P0s in the back-end. Beyond work, he promises to turn up for any and every event - but often fails to keep up.

/assets/images/team/harshita-kumbhar.png Harshita Kumbhar

Harshita takes care of Product Marketing at Fyle. Her unplanned trips spark our curiosity, and her deteriorating pranking skills are a joy to witness. Also, word of advice, just don't mess with her. Okay? Just DON'T!

/assets/images/team/jahaber.png Jahaber Sathik

Jahaber is the star our customers love, to the point that, they wish to adopt him. When not helping customers, he's known to sprinkle his wit and sass into everything. He's also a biker boy who loves photography.

/assets/images/team/jaseem.png Jaseem Aslam

Jaseem always makes his presence felt; either by his warmth or his weird. When not shipping out beautiful designs that make your heart melt, you'll find him wandering away into distant lands, right from his desk.

/assets/images/team/jatin-sharma.png Jatin Sharma

Jatin resides at the center of our website. When not merging code to master, he loves to binge on TV series or football (watch, not play!). He is also famous for his competitive programming chops.

/assets/images/team/jayachandhar.png Jayachandhar Jayanthi Rengasamy

Jaya or JC, as adored, keeps Fyle up and running, at ALL times. When not being a ninja, he likes to keep up with the latest technological trends. He is also known to indulge in some traveling and cooking.

/assets/images/team/joy-gupta.png Joy Gupta

Joy's design skills are the very reason you are looking at this page now. Like his name, he's a jolly good fellow. Be prepared to hear witty observations float by when he's around.

/assets/images/team/kartikey-rajvaidya.png Kartikey Rajvaidya

Kartikey is the reason our customers can enforce the most complex of policies within Fyle. Beyond work, he's known to have run a bunch of marathons. He's also known to be quite generous in offering people food and chai. Chai, anyone?

/assets/images/team/mayank-singhal.png Mayank Singhal

Mayank is our Digital-Marketing-God-Father. Now, don't go about imaginig Al Pacino. Mayank is as desi as it gets! When not lost in numbers and reports, he loves to travel into uncharted grounds. He is also one mean dancer.

/assets/images/team/namrata-khandelwal.png Namrata Khandelwal

Namrata ensures our in-demand features look classy while being exceptionally functional. When not working, she loves to experiment with food. She also loves to travel and pull off pranks.

/assets/images/team/prashant-chaurasia.png Prashant Chaurasia

Prashant's work life revolves around policies. When not working, he is known to play the guitar. He's also known to take soap football a bit too seriously.

/assets/images/team/pratik-sagar-mishra.png Pratik Sagar Mishra

Mishra, as fondly famous, always keeps our growth engine fueled and set to skyrocket. His popularity extends beyond work, thanks to his grooving skills, sinking sarcasm, and a dent on his cheek.

/assets/images/team/pratima-rao-gunta.png Pratima Rao Gunta

Rao, as affectionately popular, ensures our customers always remain happy with us. Her ability to effortlessly handle situations astonishes us. When not working, she's hitting it hard at the gym or obsessing over her new favorite hobby.

/assets/images/team/raghuveer-p-s.png Raghuveer P S

Raghuveer forces the computer to learn things it never knew it could. While not at work, he loves to travel and capture memories through his lens. He also plays football and prefers Instagramming over Tweeting.

/assets/images/team/rohan-sethi.png Rohan Sethi

Rohan makes Fyle beautiful, inside-out. Be it the product or our once not-so-pretty website. When not saving the day, he likes to party, dance and travel. (P.S Bollywood is his groove!)

/assets/images/team/sakshi-bajpai.png Sakshi Bajpai

Sakshi handles Sales for Europe. When not working, she's mostly found obsessing over Harry Potter and books. She loves to travel and finds peace in the valleys. She also has a colorful, boho soul.

/assets/images/team/sanskar-sharma.png Sanskar Sharma

Sanskar works on all things analytics. When not working, he spends his time trying to unravel the secrets behind the stars. He likes thriller novels and is also a swell guitarist who has his very own cover!

/assets/images/team/saumya-singh.png Saumya Singh

Saumya dabbles between in-demand product features like Trips, Advances, and Policies. She's one of the most peaceful people you will EVER meet. Beyond work, she's known for weekend TV binges and fist bumps.

/assets/images/team/sharath-huddar.png Sharath Huddar

Sharath is the kid who refuses to grow up. Yet, he owns data extraction like his own baby. Beyond work, you'll mostly find him designing experiments to control his dopamine levels.

/assets/images/team/shiha-mohan.png Shiha Mohan

Shiha is the sweetest person you will meet at Fyle. When not shipping out flawless code for our website or accepting outlandish demands from the marketing team, she can win you over with her musical prowess.

/assets/images/team/shreyas-kashyap.png Shreyas Kashyap

Shrey ensures our customers from international markets ALWAYS succeed. When not working, he's found swinging his way on the badminton court or deceiving people with his silent demeanor.

/assets/images/team/shruti-arcot-kesavan.png Shruti Arcot Kesavan

Shruti, our Shaan-e-Editor, makes sure nothing stupid gets published. She's an avid traveler. When not working, she's most likely having intense conversations with either the Universe or a bunch of intently listening dogs.

/assets/images/team/shweta-vashistha.png Shweta Vashistha

Shweta makes sure every user who ends up on Fyle isn't lost or clueless. She usually can't wait to say something and then 'oops' it, (this is a never-ending loop, BTW.) She is also a proud dog-mom.

/assets/images/team/shwetabh-kumar.png Shwetabh Kumar

Shwetabh takes care of developing third-party APIs at Fyle. When not working, he's mostly found jamming to heavy metal or rock. He also plays the guitar and dreams of becoming the next David Gilmour.

/assets/images/team/smriti-nair.png Smriti Nair

Smriti pours her heart into producing amazingly engaging content. When not worrying about timelines, she's often lost dreaming about vacations. She is also a fantastic dancer, be sure to follow the music to see her groove.

/assets/images/team/sudheer-ranga.png Sudheer Ranga

Sudheer is the father of our mobile apps. Behind his ability to knock you down with a single punch, hides a person who is too sweet and too kind. He's our pillar of strength.

/assets/images/team/sulove-bista.png Sulove Bista

Sulove is our first international employee, who hails from the beautiful picturesque valleys of Nepal. When not improving core features, he's found teaching guitar over YouTube or fan-following Messi.

/assets/images/team/sushmitha-sampige.png Sushmitha Sampige

Sampige, as popularly known, ensures our customers succeed, no matter where they are. She's often found hiding chocolates or sipping her sweet coffee.

/assets/images/team/tarun-kumar-pal.png Tarun Kumar Pal

Tarun ensures our high impact features always stay top-notch. When not working, he's known to be on the constant look-out for breakfast partners. He also likes his chai with a hint of elaichi.

/assets/images/team/vaishnavi-mohan.png Vaishnavi Mohan

Vaishnavi is our official Chief-of-Chai. When she's not busy gathering large crowds for chai, her work around improving user experience help us look terrific at all times. She's also an energy bomb on the dance floor!

/assets/images/team/vijitha-venugopalan.png Vijitha Venugopalan

Vijitha sources amazing folks for our tech team. When she gets time away from Fyle, she loves traveling and photography. She is also known for her fantastic crafting skills!

/assets/images/team/vikas-prasad.png Vikas Prasad

Vikas is our go-to debugger. When not at work, he and his cat, Feli, enjoy a bike ride or a long walk around the local lake. He is also known to plug in Hindi songs into random conversations to ease social interactions.

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