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We take immense pride to introduce the heroes behind Fyle. It’s true; not all heroes wear capes. Here’s a sneak peek into the people who make Fyle, Fyle.

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/assets/images/team/yashwanth-madhusudan.png Yashwanth Madhusudan

Yash helps bring in the moolah; he is our CEO. When not working, he's known to take brilliant portrait photographs. Keep a watchful eye, as food is never safe around him!

/assets/images/team/sivaramakrishnan-narayanan.png Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan

Siva is the CTO of one, the father of two, and the roasting baba of many. Siva is known to be such a positive guy; that even his codes don't have any minus signs!


Abhishek leads all our front-end efforts at Fyle. His ability to get things done at a pace unknown to humanity is a journey to witness!

Abhishek Jain


Aditi is our Product Designer. When she's not busy painting her canvas at Fyle, you'll find her drifting away among the lush greens, lost in thought.

Aditi Saini


Aditya Baddur is our Senior Member Of Technical Staff. Apart from work, he likes to watch web series, read tech blogs and play CODM. He's also often found screaming ee sala cup namde, aka he's an RCB fan.

Aditya Baddur


Aiyush is our Member of Technical Staff. Beyond work, he finds solace in video games, blogging, and his hot cup of ginger lemon tea.

Aiyush Dhar


Anand is our Product Marketer. Besides work, he likes a good run or work out. He is also known never to have ever resisted an ice cream.

Anandapadmanabh Sasikumar


Arshiya is our Implementation ninja. She is a foodie and a sous chef at home. She is also, most importantly, a cat mom.

Arshiya Mankar


Arun is our Member of Technical Staff. He's known to have gone through 14 million 605 scenarios before his production push and claims to understand Groot.

Arun TVS


Ashutosh is our Member of Technical Staff. He is a big Marvel fan and loves playing multiplayer video games. He also likes going on treks but gets tired easily.

Ashutosh Muley


Ashwathi is our caffeine-based CS ninja, who is known to have been adopted by her Doggo. Besides work, her hobbies vary over a large spectrum. She can also legit hypnotize you.

Ashwathi Vinod


Ashwin is our Member of Technical Staff. Apart from work, he intends to graduate from college in the next six months! He also likes to indulge in a good game of volleyball.

Ashwin T


Aysuhi is our CS ninja. Besides work, she enjoys reading, swimming, and planning vacations and events. She is also an uncontrollable shopper, aka she has a degree in retail therapy.

Ayushi Singh


Bency is our CS Ninja. When not working, she enjoys baking and cooking and considers herself a big-time foodie. She also loves adventures that give an adrenaline rush!

Bency Ann Varghese


Bharadwaj leads our CS team & is known to hold the secret to always keeping our customers, as happy as can be! When not handling customers, he finds solace in connecting with nature.

Bharadwaj Srinivasan


Bhavika is our Associate Product Manager. Beyond work, she loves experimenting with music and food. She also likes to find new places to explore.

Bhavika Ghate


Chethan is our Member Of Technical Staff. He is known to code with rock music in the background. Also, when offline, you're likely to find him lost in 19th-century fiction.

Chethan M


Dhaarani is our Member of Technical Staff. Away from work, she loves to dance, travel, and try out new cuisines. She also likes to watch fantasy movies.

Dhaarani S


Dhvani is our lead Creative Designer. Apart from design, she enjoys paper crafting and baking. She also likes reading graphic novels and taking long walks.

Dhvani Shah


Dimple is our Member of Technical Staff. Besides work, she likes to travel and play badminton. She is also a binge-watcher.

Dimple KH


Divya is our CS ninja who enjoys interacting with clients. When she is not working, she is either driving, cooking, or watching FRIENDS for the 32nd time!

Divya Balakumar


Gayathiri is our Product Manager who loves building solutions that make our customers go wow. When not working, she loves to travel and tick off things from her bucket list. She believes she can be Sherlock's alter ego.

Gayathiri Sridhar


Gokul is our Member of Technical Staff. When not busy, he's mostly found ogling at anything that contains sugar. He's also known to have his charm around things!

Gokul Kathiresan


Hariharan is our Product Designer. Apart from Design, he likes to watch movies, series, and sports. He is also an avid FC Barcelona & Messi fan.

Hariharan V


Hemanth is our CS ninja. Besides husting with customers, he loves long bike rides and adventurous outdoor activities. He also likes football.

Hemanth Singanamalla


Inayat is our CS ninja. Besides work, she loves to travel & explore new places. She's also a big foodie who knows the best eateries in Punjab.

Inayat Kalra


Jahaber is our CS Strategist. When not helping customers, he's known to sprinkle his wit and sass into everything. He's also a biker boy who loves photography!

Jahaber Sathik


Jayachandhar is our Member of Technical Staff. When not working, he likes to keep up with the latest technological trends. He is also known to indulge in some traveling and cooking.

Jayachandhar Jayanthi Rengasamy


Kamalini is part of our Product team. Besides work, she is an art enthusiast who fell in love with tech. She is also in a serious relationship with YouTube. Part-time plant mother & plant killer.

Kamalini Yuvaraj


Kartikey is our Member of Technical Staff. Beyond work, he's known to have run a bunch of marathons. He's also known to be quite generous in offering people food and chai!

Kartikey Rajvaidya


Kavya is our Member Of Technical Staff. She is known to be an avid F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. Folks state, she has an uncanny resemblance to Monica and her obsession with cleanliness!

Kavya HL


Kirti is our Member Of Technical Staff. Besides geeking for computers, he loves to watch movies and series. He is also known to automate almost all day-to-day stuff with code.

Kirti Gautam


Kulasekar is our Member of Technical Staff. Besides building complex programs, he finds solace in being crowned the Lord of Memes at Fyle.

Kulasekar S


Labhvam is our Member of Technical Staff. Besides work, he loves to play games, watch anime, and explore random things. He also loves to be the best at whatever he does.

Labhvam Sharma


Madhav is our Member of Technical Staff. When not working, he builds robots. He also likes dancing and photography.

Madhav Mansuriya


Mariam works with the Demand Gen team and loves to explore different cuisines and cultures when free. She also likes learning new languages that have no practical use but serve as a guilty pleasure.



Nihas is our Account Executive. Away from work, he has quite the record as an athlete. He is also an absolute foodie and loves to travel.

Mohammed Nihas


Neeraj is our Member Of Technical Staff. When away from work, he finds calm in travel, music, and video games. He also likes to stay updated about the world of tech!

Neeraj Durgapal


Nilesh is our Member Of Technical Staff. While not working, he likes to play outdoor games or listen to old 90s Bollywood music. He is also a huge movie buff!

Nilesh Pant


Nilesh leads our Demand Gen efforts at Fyle. He finds solace in good food and crafted beer. He is also a die-hard Manchester United fan.

Nilesh Surana


Omkar is our member of Technical staff. When not working, he likes to listen to podcasts. He is also a big fan of anime.

Omkar Joshi


Parv is our CS ninja. In his free time, he likes to research stock market investments. He also likes to travel and claims to know the best eateries in Mumbai!

Parv P


Pradyumna is our Associate Product Manager. Beyond work, he loves to understand cinema and enjoys writing blogs on Indian cinema. He aims to become a writer before he hits 40!

Pradyumna Dinni


Pratima is our CS Strategist. Her ability to effortless handle situations astonishes us. When not working, she's either hitting it hard at the gym or is found obsessing over her current favorite hobbies!

Pratima Rao Gunta


Priya is our Creative Designer who makes all things beautiful! When not working, she loves to travel, bake, and dance. She is known to enjoy Punjabi music and walks after lunch.

Priya Saini


Pulak is our Demand Gen guy at Fyle. Away from work, he loves football and is an avid Liverpool supporter. He also enjoys conversations around history, philosophy, and politics.

Pulak Srivastava


Pulkit is our Partner Account Manager. Away from work, he is known to wander into no man's land to capture beautiful sunsets. He has also successfully procrastinated learning the guitar since 2010.

Pulkit Piplani


Puru is our CS ninja. He loves cinema and sports. He has also trained in MMA for four years!

Puru K


Rahul is our Content Marketer & believes everyone has a story to tell. So if he isn't writing one, he's hearing one from someone. Away from work, you'd likely see him buried in a book under some snow.

Rahul Radhakrishnan


Sanskar is our Member of Technical Staff. When not working, he likes to unravel the secrets behind the stars. He is also a swell guitarist who has his very own cover!

Sanskar Sharma


Santhosh is our CS ninja. Besides work, he is a fanboy of Conor McGregor. He also loves cricket and cooking new recipes.

Santhosh Christo


Saurav manages our Finance & Ops. When not juggling with numbers, he likes to travel. He also has a reputation for knowing the best sweet/chat shops in Kolkata.

Saurav Tulsyan


Sayonee is our product marketer with a soft spot for SaaS. When she isn't telling stories, she's geeking out over books on genetics & evolution, having intense conversations, or working out.

Sayonee S


Shishira is our Member Of Technical Staff. When not improving our product, he loves covering uncharted grounds on his bike. He also likes his share of Kannada novels and Call of Duty.

Shishira MS


Shrey is our CS Strategist. When away from work, he's found swinging his way on the badminton court or deceiving people with his silent demeanor.

Shreyas Kashyap


Shruti is our Editor. When not working, she's most likely having intense conversations with either the Universe or a bunch of intently listening dogs.

Shruti Arcot Kesavan


Shruti Joseph is our CS Ninja. When not working, she enjoys long walks, reading, and binge-watching.

Shruti Joseph


Shwetabh is our Member of Technical Staff. When not working, he's mostly found jamming to heavy metal or rock. He often dreams of becoming the next David Gilmour.

Shwetabh Kumar


Siddharth heads all Marketing efforts at Fyle. When not working, he likes to cycle and explore hidden trails. He is also known to be the happiest amongst lush green forests.

Siddharth Deswal


Somit is our Business Analyst. While not at work, he can be found re-watching his favorite sitcoms or reading a book. He also likes table tennis, badminton, and chess.

Somit Asthana


Sumanth is our Engineering Manager. He likes playing cricket, going on trips, and watching standup comedies in his free time.

Sumanth Avadhani


Sumit is our Account Executive. Outside of work, he enjoys running and backpacking, searching for snow-clad peaks and greener pastures.

Sumit Tiwari


Supratik is our Sales Representative. Outside work, you'll most likely find him playing sports or lifting weights. He's also a street food lover and an amateur trekker.

Supratik C


Swapna is our Product Designer who is characterized by the sound of roaring laughter. When free, she is usually found sleeping or traveling. She often dreams about beaches and Mars.

Swapnaranjita Nayak


Sweta is our CS ninja. When not working, she likes to watch movies, listen to music, and paint.

Sweta Kumari


Taranjot is our Customer Success Ninja. Being a melomaniac, you can find him humming or listening to songs when he's not working. Beyond this, he loves reading short stories at the beach.

Taranjot Singh


Timothy is our CS Ninja. When not saving the day, he is an avid reader who likes autobiographies and self-help books. He is also a music enthusiast and has a passion for the Stock Market.



Vaishnavi is our Member of Technical Staff. When not busy gathering large crowds for chai, her work around improving user experience helps us look terrific at all times!

Vaishnavi Mohan


Vikas is our Member of Technical Staff. When not at work, he likes to spend time with his cat. He is known to plug-in Hindi songs into random conversations!

Vikas Prasad


Vikram helps build partnerships & channel ecosystems for Fyle. He is a coffee lover with a liking for music and gardening. He is often found reminiscing about the times when traffic was overrated!

Vikram Pothnis


Yash is our CS ninja. Outside work, he likes to build & troubleshoot IOT devices & DIY PCs. He also loves to go out and enjoy nature.

Yash Meshram


Yash is a Member of Technical Staff. When not dealing with bugs, he enjoys playing cricket and finds solace in monsoon treks.

Yash Solanki


Yitzhak is the glue that holds together, the people of Fyle. When not organizing events, he is either running a marathon or playing a sport. He is known to always have a joke up his sleeve!

Yitzhak A

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