Automate your accounting by
integrating Sage Intacct with Fyle

Stop wasting hours of productive time by manually mapping data from your expense management platform
into Sage. Fyle’s deep integration with Sage Intacct automatically maps, exports, and imports data between
the two software.

Intelligent expense coding

Stop manually coding expense fields like categories, projects, employee data, GL codes, and custom
fields. Fyle + Sage accurately codes all expense related data automatically, so you don’t have to.

Accounting can be seamless again

Close books faster with Fyle

Self-serve setup

Don’t wait on an account manager to get you started. With Fyle, configure and control all your organization’s settings in one place. Simply enter your Sage credentials and get started.

Self-serve setup
Project mappings

Project Mapping

Does your organization work on a project basis? The integration automatically maps projects in Sage to projects in Fyle. So even if new projects are added, you only need to add them in Sage Intacct, and they got automatically populated in Fyle.

Category mappings

Have multiple categories to track different employee expenses? Fyle now automatically maps and syncs all expense types in Sage Intacct to categories in Fyle so that you don’t have to spend hours manually matching them.

Category mappings
Import system/custom fields from Sage Intacct

Import system/custom fields from Sage Intacct

Create a Select Type custom field in Fyle within the integration and map it to a system field or custom field imported from Sage Intacct. The field values are also automatically synced. As a result, admins need not manually create a custom field and values in Fyle and then map them to Sage.

Tax imports

Import existing Tax Codes from an entity in Sage Intacct as Tax groups in Fyle. Users can choose the relevant Tax Group while submitting expenses, and the integration calculates and exports the correct tax amount, tax code, and gross amount to Sage Intacct, allowing Admins to submit tax reports on time.

Tax imports
Automated data flow

Automated data flow

Set up a cadence to fetch all data around employees, expenses, projects, categories, cost centers, departments, or any other custom fields from Fyle to Sage Intacct and vice-versa automatically.

Fyle is best suited for Sage Intacct Construction

Almost overnight, construction companies found a new workaround for managing expenses.
Partnering with Sage Intacct Construction was just a step towards doing our bit.

No learning curve for field employees

Fyle resides within everyday apps like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and the phone's gallery that field workers are already familiar with. Our data extraction engine is also smart enough to auto populate not only the receipt information but also additional fields like categories. Watch as expense reporting turns real-time.

Learn how to easily track and report expenses with Fyle
Advanced Project spend tracking

Advanced Project spend tracking

Allow certain categories of expenses for employees of a specific Project. Nest sub-projects within a single Project. Easily export billable expenses for clients. Split expenses between different Projects. Allocate weekly, monthly or quarterly budgets to Projects. Have a real-time view of Project spend vs Budget. All within a single platform.

Read more about managing Project spends with Fyle

Automated credit card reconciliations

No more manually matching every card transaction to a sea of employee expenses. With Fyle, automatically reconcile the card transaction, receipt and expenses without any manual intervention.

Discover how to manage cards with Fyle
Automated credit card reconciliations

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