Fyle - #1 Zoho Expense alternative

Tired of relying on broken bank feeds or end-of-month statements for account reconciliation?


Directly connect Fyle to your existing Visa,
Mastercard and Amex credit cards


Automate expense reporting, credit card
reconciliation, and pre-accounting

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Real-time expense management on Mastercard credit cards you already have

Wonder why companies are switching from Zoho Expense to Fyle?

It’s simple - Fyle is a truly automated expense management software,
which requires minimal manual work.

Get reliable credit card integrations, directly with Visa and Mastercard

Avoid clunky, broken bank feeds that take weeks to setup and result in missing transactions. Fyle directly integrates with Visa and Mastercard, without any dependence on the bank to bring you real-time feeds. Users can enrol their cards on Fyle by entering their card numbers.

Access real-time transaction data and instant text alerts

See transaction data on your Fyle dashboard and get notified via text every time you swipe your business credit cards. You can reply to the SMS with a picture of the receipt, and we’ll match it for you automatically. Credit card expenses will be reconciled in <2 mins.

Ensure expense reports are submitted
on time

Users can send in receipts by directly texting them to us. They can also use our mobile app, Gmail & Outlook plugins, Slack, or forward them on email. Set up automated reminders, and collect receipts on time. In fact, start collecting receipts 48% faster than usual.

Avoid analysis paralysis - Here are some more reasons
to choose Fyle

Self-serve, no-code 2-way accounting integrations

Fyle directly integrates with QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, Xero, NetSuite, and QuickBooks Desktop, We
enable you to completely customize your integrations, for example, you can configure how you want your
reimbursable and credit card expenses to be exported, you can import and track custom fields. You can even auto-
fill memo descriptions. It doesn’t get more comprehensive than this.

Self-serve, no-code 2-way accounting integrations
Self-serve, no-code 2-way accounting integrations

See how Fyle and Zoho Expense stack up

Fyle Zoho Expense
Real-time card integration with your existing cards
Instant text alerts for spend
Receipt tracking via SMS/text messaging
Project-based expense tracking
Advanced compliance policies and multi-org approvals
Industry-best customer support

Get the best support and implementation

Customer Success is different when you work with the best expense management software

Easy setup, rapid implementation

Fyle’s best-in-class implementation team will get you up and running in just a few weeks. Get user training, detailed documentation, a named account manager, and more.

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Support you can rely on

Fyle provides round-the-clock support to assist your accounting team. With quick response times and an impressive 92% CSAT, Fyle ensures that your team receives the help they need, making customer support one less thing to worry about.

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